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Some reminders to myself from teaching sunday school to children.

General Tips:

  1. Pray for the students, since only God can change hearts.
  2. Know the lesson, allow God to teach me before I teach the kids. How can I teach them something I don’t understand?
  3. Don’t ask simple yes, no questions. Ask questions that allow them to come up with thoughtful answers!
  4. Be colorful and loud in your expressions! Remember the teachers that you thought were boring? Don’t be monotone, unexpressive like them!
  5. Play with the children, get to know them outside the classroom. Show them that you care!
  6. Remember that you are not alone in the children’s ministry, be active in bringing children to meet and know other brothers and sisters too. Like introducing a new friend!


Pray for them!

  1. Remember they are children. Though they do not understand now, be firm in discipline so that they won’t be all over the place. Once children see that you allow them to bend the rules, they will all join in and get worse and worse. “Give them an inch, they will take a mile.”
  2. Get to know them outside the class! Children who have a relationship with you may tend to listen more attentively.

Hanging out with children:

  1. If you do not have much experience playing/interacting with children, try asking “Can I play? What are you playing?” Young children never seem to run out of games or things to do. (Isn’t it funny how the older we are, the harder it is to keep ourselves entertained? Moral of the story is to ‘never grow up!’)

These seminary courses are available free online at

Youth Ministry

I. PT523 Youth Ministry
II. Course Description
This course offers a theological and practical approach to youth ministry in the church, including the place
of youth ministry in the church’s philosophy of ministry and principles for overseeing a youth ministry
III. Purpose & Objectives
The purpose of this course is to lay a biblical foundation for the practice of youth ministry, while equipping
the student to effectively minister to today’s youth. We will examine the following areas:
· An introduction to youth ministry

?What is youth ministry? A:

· Developing a biblical vision for youth
· Evaluation of youth ministry models

– 4 primary models

– Bring it down to what is Biblical, because it will be right and effective.

· An introduction to youth culture

– Looking at content and context of youth culture today.

· Building a ministry team
· Relational youth ministry

– How to connect to youth, how to connect to parents, how to connect youth to parents.
· Skills for connecting to youth
· Skills for leading a youth ministry
· An introduction to ministry to families
· Youth ministry in an electronic age

– Taping a course, recording a course.

– Looking at how to use electronics to reach out to youth.

– Also looking at negative aspects.
· Youth ministry programs

– Look at Sunday school, youth ministry?
· Skills for evaluation

– To evaluate ourselves.
IV. Methods
· Lecture delivered via DVD or CD
· Discussion with course mentor
· Discussion with fellow students, via Internet-based discussion boards
· Readings and interaction related to youth ministry and interactive responses
based on the readings
· Research paper on one of three given topics.

– I should plan what I want to accomplish in the next 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

V. Themes and Key Words
· History
· “Because Youth
Ministry is Calling”

– A phrase they will use a lot
· Calling & Identity

– The cost of our calling into youth ministry.

· Youth Culture

– ex. The movies they see, the music they listen to.
· Vision

– Who are we reaching out to? Shepherd? Love? And how to do it?

– Philosophy about church.
· Team Relationships

– One of the great crying needs is that we don’t have enough leaders.
· Team Job
· Relationships

– “To earn the right to be heard.”

**To be involved in the kids lives outside , not only at church!**
· Target Groups
· Planning

– Rarely we ask if what we are doing is accomplishing what we want.
· Administration

To lead, its hard!
· Lost Children

– We have moments where “I don’t know what I am doing”, and also “Thank You God.” Trust in the Lord.


This introduction was really good, I hope to learn a lot from this course to apply to the youth ministry at EFCHH!

-To be involved in people’s lives outside of church. I don’t really do this…

Thank You God for this introduction!

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