pers”Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. and the peace of God, that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” – Philippians 4:6-8

Hello! Here I keep a list of praises that I update regularly (now real time on my Twitter feed, to the left of this blog) , feel free to share your praise here too; it is always encouraging to hear of what God has been doing in another person’s life.


Thank You for allowing me to create a Prayer Journal.

Thank You for allowing me to practice Japanese and Mandarin

Thank You for the privilege of leading a team, please grant Your servant the grace to care for and lead the team.

Thank You for bringing me back to Your Word.

Thank You for Your Word, which convicts of sin and tells of the hope in Christ.

January 2017 Praises

Fellowship at Clayton and Micah’s for New Years

Study and meal with Felix, running with Felix.
Teaching John 1:1-2 with apartment and Felix
Time with Josh praying
More clarity in relationship. Got to share testimony for Men Discipling Men.
Clarity whether to pursue a relationship.
Sleep to get well from sickness.
Time with Dan and Bev for dinner
Time to study for RE.
Time with STM and Joanna.
Time with Austin
Time with Felix in Mark
Receive the new job offer
Sermon on Psalm 90:12 (Teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom)
Said goodbye to old boss, good transition
Time with Dan and Jimmy at opening of Grace Grill
Time with MoTW music group
Time with Josh and Yoshiki
Card games with apartment.
God brought me to MoTW in spite of my sin
Seeing my sin in lack of self-discipline
Passed the RE Principles test
Thank You for sleep, clearing the lying thoughts.
Why do You love one who hates You so much?
Time with Clayton and Micah, breakfast at their place.
Time with Felix and Yoshiki


Remembering what God has done:

  • He has saved me from His wrath
  • He has given me access and a desire to know Him through His Word
  • He has allowed me to say goodbye to my grandma
  • He has given the opportunity to pursue a relationship
  • He has given me a mentor
  • He has given me men to care for and, if I choose, to disciple
  • He has provided food for me when I had none
  • He has given me apartment mates who love Him
  • He has helped me to see my sin against Him
  • He has given me rest to live today
  • He has given me a job to support myself and those around me
  • He is patient with me, though I continue to disobey Him, not love Him as I could

Lord, please give Your servant a hatred of sin, the grace to remember all that You have done in my life, that I may work and live every moment to the glory of Your Name. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.


Thank You God for:

  • Giving me a job where I can provide for myself and my family
  • the Spirit within me which allows me to choose You instead of sin.
  • allowing me to have the opportunity to serve and care for my sister.
  • helping me to see that food and other “necessities can be set aside for the most necessary of all, You.
  • every second on this earth, of which I will never receive back. Please teach me to steward this life that You have given to me.
  • Your Word, which reminds me of truth when my emotions and thoughts tell me otherwise.


Thank You for bringing me back to updating my praises!

Thank You for leading me to fight strong against laziness and lust.

Thank You for the way You have been encouraging me to encourage others.

Thank You for giving me the humility to seek advice and wisdom from older brothers.

Thank You for all the friendships You have given me this quarter at UCLA.

Thank You for bringing me to Grace Church, where my sins are exposed but yet how much more amazing is Your grace!

You answered my pleas to be able to share the Gospel one last time with my grandma in Taiwan. Thank You for giving me the grace to be a witness to my family.

Thank You for providing me a new job to provide for my family and opening the door to serve You in Asia.

Thank You; because of You last summer I had the privilege of going with a team to a short term ministries trip. Through our ministry two women were saved. Hundreds more were able to hear of Jesus’ miraculous death and resurrection and his power over sin and death, many for the first time. Since then God has shown me so much undeserved love in giving me the joy of living with gracious brothers, in granting me the power to overcome sins that once enslaved me, in answering my prayers for one last chance to share the Gospel with my grandmother, in growing my love for Him through reading the Bible and prayer, entrusting to me a new job to provide for my family and, once again, in opening the door to serve on this year’s short term ministry trip.


Thank You for lunch with Joe and getting to learn of how he writes his prayers/praises.

Thank You for bringing the SG out to serve a small groupie and his family in this time of mourning.

Thank You for restoring the joy of my salvation through prayer. Thank You for my brother Austin, challenging me in the fight against sin.

Thank You for the protection set up to fight against sin.

Thank You for the strength to turn from entertainment. Thank You for the time I was able to spend instead with my roommates.

Thank You for the strength to exercise today.

Thank You for the courage to go out and proclaim your name.

Thank You for the work I could accomplish today and serving at D48.

Thank You for the strength by prayer to turn from self-pity over jealousy. Thank You for the wisdom to rest to continue serving You.

Thank You for the drive to strive and glorify You.

Thank You for the grace to turn from my sin.

Thank You for getting to see my old roomate Danny at Chick-Fil-A, he has been a great example of You to me.

Thank You for the fellowship at church today.

Thank You for keeping me steadfast in completing schoolwork for Your glory.

Thank You for helping me see more of Your glory in Your Word and fighting sin.

Thank You for the time I could spend with my friend and serve him, please teach me to love and serve others as You have served me first.


Thank you for bringing me to East Asia this summer through the support of many family and friends.

Thank You for revealing to me my self-righteousness and judgmental attitude during the trip.

Thank You for teaching me to be flexible.

Thank You for the lesson “Why do you serve?”



Thank You God for…

The strength to study Chinese
The mornings to spend with You
The strength to fight my laziness
Helping me see my idols and removing them
Growing my view of time, how short it is.


Thank You God for…
The gift of fellowship with Grace Church
The gift and ability to exercise to keep this body You gave me healthy
For sustaining me at all times, even when I am unaware


Thank You…

for my dad fixing my backpack

For Emily’s guitar keychain

For the clearing of my uneasy emotions


Thank You God for…

Being able to spend time with You.

Getting to go with my dad to Chinese bible study.

Being able to go back to my home church for the summer.

For the East Asia team and trip.

For the rain outside.

For restoring the joy of my salvation.

For the forgiveness of my sins.

Able to start a “To God” journal today! Already being blessed by remembering and giving thanks for what God is doing.


Father, thank You for the times I get to spend with family and friends. Thank You for this opportunity in the summer to rest and rejuvenate, also teaching me that You are good in all circumstances, both the good times and sad times.

Thank You for the joy of being able to write songs and play music again. It has been years since I last remembered who I am in You!

Thank You for the family in Christ in whom I may share life with and learn more about Your grace from.

Father, thank You that You are always smiling, arms wide open welcoming this sinner back into Your embrace. Thank You for the joy it brings to share about You.

Thank You for the time I got to spend playing video games. Though they are fun, there is still much to be done in Your name!

Father,  I thank You for bringing me to Grace Community Church and the healing the believers their have brought to my life.

Father, thank You for the gift of being able to spend time with friends at the UCLA Running club. They encourage me to continue exercising


So much has been happening, quite a few times where I planned to leave church for good. Father, that You are so patient with me. Like a child that continue going back to the same follies, but You love me anyway. You spoke and worlds were formed, You breathed and life was born. You knew that one day You would come. Left Your Father’s throne, to be clothed in human form. Jesus, You are the Son of God. 

You gave Your life away

You gave Your life away

You gave Your life away

When I most despise myself, You tell me there is now no condemnation. When I fall and can’t get back up, You tell me to “be still and know that You are God.”


Thank You God for the church which does not give up on me. What else is there to this life? I don’t deserve any of this, and I never will.


Thank You, that I was able to find the keycard to my apartment. If you had not reminded me, it would have been too late to find, hidden under my seat in the car.

Thank You for the gift of sleep and dreams, that bring me back to reality in the moments I give up.


Jesus loves me,
This I know
For the Bible
Tells me so


-Thank You God for giving a sinner like me a new life, and an assurance that someday I will be with you in paradise, not by my merit, but Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross for my sins.
-Thank You for bringing my brother to decide to be baptized, the way You have brought us this far, how amazing is the future You have in store for Your children!
– Thank You God for being more than enough, more than anything else in the world. You satisfy like no other.
– Thank You for parents, though flawed, do their best to love their children. Please Lord, teach me Your ways, that I may live a life of gratitude to You and them.


Thank You God for the Gospel, that your Son Jesus died for my sins, was buried, then rose again on the third day. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Lord, thank You for allowing me to understand, again.

What will the future bring? What was everything, was really nothing; from the deception, You broke me. Out of the confusion, You called, and saved me.


Thank You for still calling my name, for still loving me the same. My sins, you forgave. On that cross, my price You paid. Please help me understand the Gospel.


Thank you God for another year of life! Still many dreams, desires… and You are always faithful! What will this year bring, I don’t know! But You know, please lead me to trust in you.

Thank you for allowing me to be more consistent in my relationship with You. Sin hurts, and as I feel the first effects of turning my eyes away from You, would You please lead me back to dependence on You. Thank you for the friends you placed into my life, the people I get to hang out with, even if they are goofy and like to go off on tangents… Lord, they are Yours forever. Please lead me to love them as You do! Thank You for always listening, even to my annoying rants.

Thank You God for Charlene’s life, for the ways You have used her to teach me about your love. Please, lead me to love her as You would love her.

Thank You God for your daily grace, for always welcoming me back. No matter how unworthy I think or feel that I am, Your love is always greater.


Thank you God for the constant reminder of my sinfulness and how much I need you! Nothing but your blood can grant me peace from my iniquities. Thank you Lord!
Thank you for getting me into UCI and UCLA. It was a really tough choice, but thank you for leading me to make a decision based on the wisdom you gave me. Please continue to protect my brother as he studies at Irvine.

Thank You God for restoring the joy of your salvation! Thank you for the friends I am able to make at school. Thank you for the privelege and blessings of being able to teach children! Thank you for bringing my father safe from Taiwan, for bringing my family together again.

Thank you for the gift of song and music!


– Thank You for the pain. It draws me to You. Thank you for my family’s lives. Thank you for allowing someone like me to be a servant. Your ways are not my ways, your thoughts are higher than mine. And it hurts to say, but your dreams, are more beautiful than mine ever were. Give me your dreams Lord~
– Thank you God for showing me not to rely on only emotions.

– Thank you God for all the blessings, and all the times of sorrow.

– Thank you God for giving me so much more than I deserve.

– Thank you God for always being there, even when I forget you.

– Thank you God for letting me experience joy while being able to glorify your name.

– Thank you God for making me me.

– Thank you for the beautiful mornings you bring

– Thank you for the rain of life, that doesn’t come so often in California

– Thank you for bringing my dad back safely from Taiwan

– Thank you for teaching me to wait on love

– Thank you for the way you continue to mold me

– Thank you for the joy you bring into my life through my family

– Thank you for lifting me up when I am down

– Thank you for the church, where as Christians we can push each other to strive for you

– Thank you for carrying my burdens

– Thank you for strengthening the relationships between the family in Christ

– Thank you for the cross

– Thank you for loving me unconditionally, even though I fail you day after day

– Thank you for the privilege of being able to read your word everyday

– Thank you for giving me strength throughout the day

– Thank you for providing for me always

– Thank you for giving me a great love for music, may it be used to glorify your name

– Thank you for teaching me to always trust in you

-Thank you for waking me up early today, even though it was by mosquito bites, so that I could spend more time with you!

– Thank you for giving me a passion for posting online again!

– Thank you for giving me motivation Lord!

– Thank you for the people you have placed in my life!


Thank You God for these past few weeks, in which You have spoken to me, blessed me, and changed me more than I could ever imagine. Thank You for teaching me about love. Thank You for reminding me to trust in You with my life. Thank You for teaching me to love others just as I love myself. Even though I sin, even though I will never become perfect on this earth, may You please continue to mold me, break me, and transform me into the man You want me to become.


God has filled me with so much love, I cannot describe this feeling. I have desires too, I’m only human; I’m lovesick; I long for to hold my future wife in my arms, whoever she may be. Proverbs 3:5-6 is not only for each and everyone of you, but also for me; mostly for me. I am a weak man; a coward. Why do I feel this way? What am I complaining about? I’m only 18! Jacob had to wait 7 years until he could marry Rachel, 14 in all; Abraham and Sarah had waited all their lives for a child, and Issac was given to them. My dad was 34 years old when he met and married my mom! God keeps his promises, and He knows what is best for me. Until then, may God continue molding me, guiding me, and breaking me into a man after His own heart; a man his wife would be proud of. Father, take this All-consuming passion of mine, and use it to be a blessing to others; for the lost, for the weary, for those in need.

Thank You God!


– Thank You God for giving me courage to announce my faith right before my music performance! All the glory be for You and You alone!

– Today during Chinese class I was very tired, and wanted to go home. At that moment my Chinese teacher asked me to play a song on my guitar for the class, so I played my love song! The class enjoyed the song; That really woke me up! X] Thank You God!


Just a little something I want to share; I had just finished reading Numbers ch 5-6, but then realized that I had just read 1 Chronicles ch 5-6. It also talks about the Levites, so I didn’t realize anything was out of place! I had a great time reading through Levi’s family tree!Thank God for the humor He sprinkles in our lives X]

Remember to check the book your reading!


Thank You God for Your love! May my eyes be focused on You and You alone!
Life is difficult, just as You promised! (Matthew 7:13-14)
Please continue to guide me on this narrow path, leading me back when I stray!

Until the day You still this Passion within me, may it be used to bring You glory! Always!


Why am I so happy? I don’t understand! Thank You God!


Thank You God! May this exploding/infinitely growing/uncontainable Passion be used by You! Let Your will be done; I want to be the living testimony of Your unfailing Love; so LOUD that people of all nations will hear, and know that You are God; You are our Savior, the ONLY Way, the ONLY Truth, and the ONLY Life worth living!

and let me just focus on the tasks You have given to me today, and not worry so much about what tomorrow may bring! X]


– Thank You God for the older brothers You have placed in my life. Thank You God for always testing me, breaking me, and teaching me new things every single day! May my thoughts always be focused on You God! Why do I think so much about what if’s? Just trust in You! Hahaha X]


– Thank You God for just letting me come to this conclusion, God. Even though the peace will only be temporary, because this is what You have promised, thank You.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! XD

and thank you! :]

just had a really great time just hanging out with my friend from high school, and talking about life, and going out to exercise! All glory to You God, Always!


Thank You God for just the blessed time I was able to spend with my brother and cousins today! Please continue to work in their lives, and may all glory be for You, Always! And God, thank You for loving me even though I fail You so much, even today in terms of love…


Today I ate two fortune cookies, and they each had the same fortune that reads “A very attractive person has a message for you.” Thank You God for the humor You sprinkles in our lives!


Thank You for this conclusion, God. Looking forward to the future, whatever it may bring.

Oh, and today, there was a skunk, hole, seat cushion, two cops, and a private dirt road.

Thank You God for blessing me with such a dad!


Thank You for allowing me to write on this blog again and study Your word!


Thank You God for giving me a guitar strap (Jason Chen!) and making new friends!


Thank You God for this idea for sunday school class, and putting it into action!


Thank You God for my dad, and also the times of joy you sprinkle in my life!



– Was encouraged by friend yesterday to start doing devotions again!
– Was able to study for a Bio test by God’s planning!
– More strength throughout the day since the weekend!
– Got to talk to a Catholic guy named Robert about our beliefs and had a great discussion!
– While cleaning my room today, I found a new pair of glasses! And multi-color pens


– God has been teaching me to wait and trust in Him for that special someone. Though it was not fun, He really opened my eyes and woke me up.

– Finished reading “When Dreams Come True”


– Got to sell a lot of old school books!

– Watched Toy Story 3!

– Signed up for 2 online free seminary courses!

– Blogged again!

Thank You God for always bringing me back to You, no matter how much I hurt You in return.


Thank You God for allowing me to feel Your pain each time I disobey You.

Thank You God for the rain.


Thank You God for allowing me to sing in the choir for You. It was fun! Thank You for allowing me to help out at my church. Thank You for showing me that You are always in control, even when I am led to run with my emotions. Thank You for allowing me to talk to a mormon today and share about You. Thank You for the time You allowed me to spend with Vicky, Tiffany, and Naomi today. Thank You for letting me meet Monica on the bus; please protect her and her fiancé  John. Thank You for allowing me to meet that lady (I dropped her quarter, then found it right before she got off.) Please bring her to spend more time with You and fellow brothers and sisters at church. Thank You for getting me home safely, and allowing me to take a great nap and an awesome dream.


Thank You God for saving me. Thanks for caring about me even when I don’t care about You. Thanks for always being here. Thanks for the time You allow me to spend with friends. Please continue teaching me to trust in You.


Thank You God for being so faithful to me through this depression! Thank You for the lessons that You continue to teach me. Thank You for making me fall in love with You all over again! Thank You for teaching me about discipline! Thank You for teaching me to listen, and not always try to speak. And most of all, thank You for dying for me, for freeing me from the bondage of sin, freeing me from bondage to laws. I am a free man in You!


Thank You God for allowing me to find pleasure in You while glorifying You at the same time! I delight to read Your Word, meditate on Your character and deeds, and also enjoying everything You have created! Thank You for answering my prayers and challenging me to pray more, and also the many opportunities to share who You are with friends!


Thank You God for allowing me to get to know my brothers at church more! Thank You for the Bible studies I get to have with them at my house, and also thank You so much for teaching me more about You! Thank You for always answering my prayers, for allowing me to share my joy of You with others! Thank You for this life, and also for constantly reminding me to not take time for granted!


Thank You God for being faithful all the time, even when I am not. Thank You for allowing me to share my life through music.


Thank You for not letting go of me.


Lord, I’m scared for the future, even for now. School brings much stress, and so does the many problems in my life. Please, allow me to be confident in You, that You will always give strength to those who trust in You. Lord, I want to be confident in You! Please give me the courage to speak Your praises to the people I meet, for You alone are most worthy of praise! Thank You Father for saving me, for Your grace and the peace that passes all understanding.

– Thank You for taking me through school and holding me close and leading me back when I stray! And man, do I stray a lot.


Thank You God for revealing the planks in my eye, my hypocrisy and my pride. Please help me to lay these down at Your feet and to submit to Your will.

Thank You for leading my mom to reading Your word. Your ways are not my ways.


Thank You Lord for constantly revealing my sins and to be able to pursue change.


Thank You God for creating the wonderful gift of sleep, in the way it rejuvenates me, clears my mind and prepares me to live for You! Thank You for the foods You created, all the different flavors. Please allow me to remember You each time I enjoy these gifts and give glory to You!


Thank You God for the good times and the bad. Thank You for always being faithful and attentive to me though I am not doing the same for You. Thank You for the family that I have because of You, a bond greater than any relationship, whether by blood or oath, could be; Your blood is our bond, and it is for eternity! Forgive me for always being so shakey in my walk with You. It’s a great reminder that my hope is not in my own strength but in Yours! :]

Thank You God for the gift of technology, to be able to reach someone on the other side of the world (like Japan) instantly! Thank You for the convenience of smartphones, though it is also much easier to waste time…

Thank You for the gift of being able to write and share with the world about Your love and what You have been doing, and will continue on doing, in my life! Who am I that the Creator of the Universe would care to know my name, feel my hurts?

Thank You for leading me along with Your hands. The hands that will bear the scars of Your sacrifice for me, for eternity! Wow haha

Thank You for Your Word, which let’s me know more about You and what You want me to do! Thank You for giving me purpose in life far beyond myself.


Thank You God for the way You work, beyond anything man can ever dream of.


Thank You for the gift of music. Thank You for the breath that I breathe. Thank You for being so infinite in the ways I can thank You if I tried. My mom started going to church again, definitely not anything I did. Thanks for being patient, reminding me that time is in Your hands. And that I am like a tree and is constantly growing, though not always baring fruit.


Thank You God for allowing me to have fun with my family and family in Christ. /The was a joy to be able to run from Mathan while he tried to give me ice cream cake. Then his brother caught me by the shirt so that his brother could give me the cake. lol
God, so many reasons to praise You. Why do I still wish to receive anything else? Why do I still dream of other dreams? Thank You for putting up with me so long. Thank you for friends that encourage me to love You!


Thank You God for allowing me to finish my drama paper! Thank You for the muffin You gave me through my mo