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At my church I recently began teaching children through flannel graphs, story-telling, and asking questions! Here are some tips for myself that came up. I’ll constantly be revising and changing the list as time goes on!

Tips I learned from Teaching Children:

General Tips:

1. Pray for the students

2. Know the lesson, allow God to teach me before I teach the kids. How can I teach them something I don’t understand?

3. Don’t ask simple yes, no questions. Ask questions that allow them to come up with thoughtful answers!

4. Be colorful and loud in your expressions! Remember the teachers that you thought were boring? Don’t be monotone, unexpressive like them!

5. Play with the children, get to know them outside the classroom. Show them that you care!

6. Remember that you are not alone in the children’s ministry, be active in bringing children to meet and know other brothers and sisters too. Like introducing a new friend!

7. Children have a way of sensing when we care about a lesson that is being taught, and most times a lesson that felt bad was contributed by my lack of preparation.


Pray for them!

1. Remember they are children. Though they do not understand now, be firm in discipline so that they won’t be all over the place. Once children see that you allow them to bend the rules, they will all join in and get worse and worse. “Give them an inch, they will take a mile.”

2. Get to know them outside the class! Children who have a relationship with you may tend to listen more attentively.

Hanging out with children:


  1. If you do not have much experience playing/interacting with children, try asking “Can I play? What are you playing?” Young children never seem to run out of games or things to do. (Isn’t it funny how the older we are, the harder it is to keep ourselves entertained? Moral of the story is to ‘never grow up!’)

Why is this lesson so important for me personally to hear?  

From going through the story of “Jesus came to seek and to save Zacchaeus” this past week, it reminds me that Jesus cared about me even before I knew Him. It is a good reminder that works come naturally after coming to experience Christ’s love, not the other way around. That no matter what I think or try to believe, God’s love is all grace! Nothing I earned, nothing I definitely deserve, but it is a gift from God.

has it had that impact?

Today I wasn’t feeling too well, had all these thoughts in my mind of how I failed God in many of my plans. Then this morning I got to spend time with Neilsen, and going through this passage again and again, it reminds me that Jesus came to seek and save the lost! That when I myself see my flaws, it is not to condemn me but to point me to the Savior who loved, who loves, and who will always love me!

Story Time Hook

–          Ask for a volunteer to come up: “Do you see the picture?” (Zaccheus pg. 56 picture)

–          Ask class, what do you think about the picture?

–          Why can’t you see the picture?

–          (Pass around picture) What is the picture about?

–          Does the person look comfortable? What about popular?

–          The Bible tells us about someone with the same problem you had when you couldn’t see the picture. He couldn’t see because other people were in his way.


Story Time (Flannel Graph)

Flannel pieces: 1Zacchaeus (in tree), 2crowd, 3 background, 4 Zacchaeus (standing), 5Jesus


Scene 1: 4Zacchaeus(standing) , 3 background


1. Jesus and His disciples were entering Jericho.

2. Introduce Zacchaeus, who was the chief tax collector and wealthy, very rich. Explain tax collectors (hated, cheated).


Scene 2: 4Zacchaeus(standing),2crowd, 3 background


3. He wanted to see who Jesus was, but he was too short to see over the crowd.

4. Zaccheus ran ahead of the road and climbed a very tall tree. A Sycamore-fig tree. He knew Jesus was coming this way.

5. (Describe being in a tree, don’t look so cool, express being in a tree, dangerous)


Scene 3:1Zacchaeus(in tree),2crowd,3background, 5Jesus


  1. From here he could see Jesus talking to the crowd. Everyone was so excited. He looked like a nice man. A lot of friends! Zaccheus thought about himself, that he didn’t have many friends. Even many people did not like him. Sadly, Zaccheus wished he could also be Jesus’ friend. But here he was, in a tree alone. Because he was too short. At least he was so high up in the tree that no one would be able to see how uncool he was.
  2. When Jesus passes under the tree, he looks up and says, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” Zacchaeus thinks, ‘How does He know my name? How did He know I was in the tree? But the questions didn’t matter. He was so happy that he came down at once and welcomed Jesus gladly into his house.


Scene 4:4Zacchaeus(standing), 5Jesus, 2crowd,3background,


  1. As they headed to Zacchaeus’ house the people outside were all muttering, “He has gone to be the guest of a ‘sinner.” The people were wondering, why would the good teacher Jesus go spend time with the bad tax collector Zacchaeus?
  2. But Zacchaeus and Jesus didn’t mind. While inside the house Zacchaeus told Jesus about life as a tax collector, about how no one liked him after he started cheating them in collecting taxes. Zacchaeus asked Jesus, “What can I ever do? No one would ever want to be my friend anymore, no matter what I try. What should I do, Jesus?”
  3. Jesus told him about sin, how much God hates sin, but also how much God wants to forgive his sins. “Do I first have to apologize to everyone I cheated? “Do I have to first do many good things? How can I be forgiven? “Jesus replied again, “Believe in the One God has sent. Believe in me. “ That is all Zacchaeus had to do! He didn’t have to do good things so that Jesus would love him. Jesus loved him for who he was!
  4. Hearing this, Zaccheus was so happy. Here is someone who cared about him, even a ‘sinner’ like him! And that someone was the Messiah. He was so happy that he said to Jesus, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and, with the money I have left, if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.”
  5. Jesus said to Zaccheus, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”


Questions and Activity

–          Who was Zacchaeus? What was a tax collector? Why couldn’t he see over the crowd?

–          What did Zacchaeus do to see Jesus?

–          What did Jesus say to Zacchaeus? Did he meet him before? How did He know Zacchaeus’ name and was in the tree?

l  Jesus pursues those who are His own.

–          What were the people muttering about Zacchaeus? Why?

–          What did Zaccheus do after he accepted Jesus as his Savior?

l  Meeting Jesus makes us see our sin and make us want to change.

–          What did Jesus say to Zaccheus?

–          Do you remember the story that Jesus told of the one lost sheep? How is God like that shepherd?

l  Jesus came to save the lost.

–          Jesus says that He came to “seek and to save the lost”. Who in this story was lost?

–          Zaccheus was lost. How was he lost?


–          Thank God that He comes after those who are lost, and thank Him that He has found you.



  • Zacchaeus was a wee little man

Memory Verse:


5When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him,”Zacceus, come down immediately, I must stay at your house today.” – Luke 19:5


Jesus came to save the lost, even when we don’t know Him!


Take Home Lesson

-Jesus pursues those who belong to Him

Jesus came to save the lost

An encounter with Jesus brings recognition of one’s sins

Here are two points that stood out to me as I watched David and Sally Michael speak on children’s ministry. The videos and notes can be found here:

Session 1 – A Vision for God-Centered Worship in the Next Generation – Video | Notes
Session 2 – A Vision for Biblical Literacy in the Next Generation – Video | Notes
And for those who can’t make it this coming Sunday (like Chandra), here’s the third one:
Session 3 – A Vision for Encouraging Faith in the Next Generation – Video | Notes


1. “It is in a variety of life experiences that the Word of God is tested and… found to be true.”

How often in the day does God work in our lives, showing His faithfulness and promise to be true. And at the same time how often I miss the signs of God leading in my daily life routines! If we could be intentional in seeing just how many miracles God does in our lives each day and for them(providing food when I am hungry – man, on the ride back from Hollywood Bowl I was feeling hungry and prayed in my heart for God to provide or at least get my mind off my hunger, and the next moment a brother offered me a bag of fritos!), how much more would we be equipped and able to point others to see the way God has been daily, constantly, and always blessing them!

2. “Children rise to your level of expectation”

This one in particular hit home. Recently I have been able to spend time with others and when I spend time with them I have the fear that talking too much or on deeper topics about God and His Word would lead them to feel bored. God is the one who changes lives, who renews our hearts; let us not be afraid to set bigger goals; may we come to expect others to rise to levels far beyond our very own!

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu

Love Your Neighbor!”

John 3:16

?: Who here loves their family? Friends? Enemies?

Let’s watch a video on God’s love; read John 3:16

– Video portrays God’s love for us; Jesus died for us.

1.What two choices did the father have?
2.Which choice did he choose?
3. How was the son like Jesus?

1. To save his one and only child or the people on the train.

2. To save the people on the train.

3. He died for others.

Mark 12:28-31

1. What are the two greatest commandments?
2. What does it mean to “love your neighbor as yourself”?
3. Is it hard to love people you don’t like? Why?

1. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

2. To love others as I would myself; to treat others like I would to my friends and family.

3. It is hard because we don’t want to be around them.

?:  Would you be willing to sacrifice for your enemies?

– God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to die for us, when we don’t deserve it the most.

List some ways to “love your neighbor!”

– Do something nice for someone (parent, brother, sister, friend, stranger)

– Help someone out!

___  Make a new friend!

___  Say something encouraging to someone!

___  Help clean up after sunday school!

– You can help cleaning up by: put pencils in box, return Bibles to bookshelf, push in your chair, pick up trash.

Thank God for loving me!

“Sing to the LORD!”

Jesus is…

1. What names does He have?

2. What are His characteristics?

– Possibly write a song with their answers

1. Ex. Wonderful Counselor, Lord, Son of God etc.

2. Ex. Perfect, Amazing, Mighty etc.

What is your favorite…

1. Type of music?

2. Band or Artist? Song?

3. Instrument?

Since the beginning of time, God has already created instruments (Genesis 4:21)

1. Anything good.

2. Jay Chou. 晴天.

3. Sing!

? Why do you listen to music?

A: Makes me happy, encouraging.

– Music is not only for us to enjoy, but also to praise God with.

Exodus 15:19-21

1. Why did the women sing to the Lord?
2. What did they do besides sing?
3. Why do we sing songs to God?

4. What are some ways we can worship God through music?

1. God just allowed the Israelites to cross the Red Sea while He swept away all of their enemies.

2. They played the tambourine and danced.

– We can worship God through dancing too! (Clapping hands)

3. To thank Him for what He has done.

? What kind of lyrics are in songs praising God?

– Use Lord I Lift Your Name on High as an example

4. Sing, play instruments, dance.

Thank God for creating music!

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