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C: Last prophecy to John, to any prophets

O: 16 Jesus sends his angel to give this prophecy to John to testify to the churches. Jesus is the descendant, the promised Savior. What does bright Morning star mean? “Light of salvation to all (NIVSB).”

17 The Spirit, bride (the church), everyone who hears, anyone who desires to may come and partake in this free gift of eternal life.

M: Jesus is the promised Savior from Genesis 3 that will crush the head of the serpent. Anyone who wishes may come and receive freely the gift of eternal life and salvation from sin.

A: Tell others about Jesus

  • He is the Savior who has come
  • – Anyone who hears may freely receive the gift of life
  • – Apart from the Gospel, men are still dead in their sins

Abba Father, You are the Root and Offspring of Daivd, the Morning Star that leads Your people home. Father, I confess that I do not adore You enough to proclaim Your name, thank You that despite my sin You freely give salvation through Your Son Jesus’ righteousness. By Him alone am I saved. Give Your servant the wisdom and courage to proclaim You today.


C: Last prophecy to John.

O: 10 Because this generation need’s John’s prophecy immediately (unlike Daniel’s, which God commanded him to seal for a later generation), the angel commands John to not seal the words of this book.

11 Let everyone do their own thing, make their own choice in how to live, the righteous be righteous and wicked, wicked. There will be a difference between Christ’s followers and Satan’s followers – LSB.

12 Jesus is returning soon and will give to everyone according to what he has done.

M: The world needs to hear the Gospel message, since everyone will be rewarded or punished for their actions. Who has not heard the message in my life? When I spend time with others, do I have Christ’s agenda in mind? 

A: Make Christ known, and God’s followers and Satan’s followers will become evident.

1. The time is near, do not hide God’s Word from those who need it. Family, friends, everyone.

2. Do not be surprised at persecution and attacks for following Christ.

– “Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness.” – Matthew 5:10.

– Yet, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” – Matthew 5:44

3. Seek to live a fruitful life

– Jesus will give to everyone according to what they have done.

C: The new heaven and new earth are established, God dwells with man.

O: 4 His servants will be able to see His face, something amazing because since Adam and Eve, man would die from seeing God’s face.

5 No more night. He and His people will reign forever.

6 God’s Word is truth, we can trust Him. The word soon take place.

M: (JGE) We shall see Christ with the eyes of our understanding and eyes of our bodies. In the new heaven God’s children will clearly be His, unlike on earth now. We will be perfectly holy to the Lord. 

How I long to meet my wife, but do I long to greet my Lord with even greater longing? Once Christ returns I will know Him without the hinderance of sin, perfect in understanding. And this understanding will continue to increase to no end in heaven!

A: Long for Christ’s return

1. Meditate over the gospel

2. Meditate on what it means to be adopted into God’s family, never to be seperated again.

3. Whatever experience I have with God here on earth, the experience will be infinitely greater in heaven with no more sin.

C: Last chapter of Revelations, John’s vision is coming to an end. Evil has been defeated, Heaven and earth have become one. God dwells with man.

O: 1 There is a river of life flowing from the throne of God. The water will be as bright and pure as crystal. Oh, how beautiful that will be! it is amazing how John can write in past tense, as if it had already happened. But since God is faithful and does all He promises, I can also live as if these events have occured.

2 Middle of street, any importance? (Rev 21 mentions street of gold, JGE mentions it) Be available to the whole city. Most trees only have one kind of fruit, but the tree of life will have 12 kinds! Wow! And unlike trees now where they only grow in season, the tree of life will bear fruit each month, constantly, forever. The trees of life are the same ones Adam and Eve had in Eden. Interestingly enough, we now gain the attributes from both trees, the knowledge of good and evil plus eternal life! The leaves also bring healing. What a powerful tree. (Is this symbolic of God Himself?) JGE mentions that the tree of life is “not the Gospel, nor godliness, nor eternal life, nor any other of the divine Persons, but Christ, who is the author of life, natural, spiritual, and eternal”) Wow!

3 Evil is gone, it has been judged and is being punished, no longer to exist. Only the throne of God and the Lamb will exist for the rest of eternity, where we will worship Him forever.

A: Remember the future to come

1. Healing from all evil, and Christ Himself will sustain us for all eternity.

2. Throng of God will reign forever, He will be our God and we His people.

3. We will be able to worship Him without the effects of sin, unhindered prayer, perfect fellowship.

4. The river of life flows from God forever, beautifully bright as crystal, the tree of life will bear its fruit each month for eternity.

Abba Father, You are the source of life. You alone will defeat evil and lock it away. Lord, I do not yearn for the future to come, give me this longing, the desire to bring others wilh me. Thank You for Your encouraging words, that I will one day be able to worship You forever and ever in perfect fellowship. Give my fellow men the undestanding of the future to come. May Your will be done. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

C: God finishes justice and reconciling man to Him. He then speaks to John in future tense.


O: 6 To those who are thirsty God gives Himself freely to satisfy them.

7 If we seek God we will find Him, and the Lord will adopt us as His own children.

8 For the wicked and sinners, they will perish in hell.

M: Does this mean only the perfect may go to heaven? No! Romans 3:23 says “There is no one righteous, not one.” No person on earth is perfect before God. So who are those who conquer? Those who acknowledge that they have wronged God. Those who acknowledge that they have been cowards who try to run away from taking responsibility of their wrongs against God, those who acknowledge they have been believing God to be less worthy than them self, Those who acknowledge they have been trusting in their own strength, wisdom, and ideas as opposed to God’s. Those who acknowledge that they have been prostituting their strength, time, energy, life to a person/thing/idea that is not God, who alone is worthy to be lived for. Those who acknowledge that they have been liars and believing themselves to be right before a Holy God.

Those who do not acknowledge these refuse to repent and instead of freely receiving God’s gift of life, they will lose it forever.

A: Acknowledge that I am a sinner in need of God’s mercy and grace.

1. Be grateful for His grace

– Don’t take His Son’s sacrifice for granted, believing myself to have deserved any part of it.

– Give thanks to God continually for what He has done.

– Be patient towards others because whatever wrong they may do to me, I have done worse towards God in the murdering of His Son, desecrating of His name.

2. Pray and live a life that others may understand their need for a Savior and return to Him.

3. Constantly be receiving God’s gift of life.

– Meditate on the gospel

– Enjoy what He has made (food, fellowship, fun, nature, family, friends, etc.) and give thanks

– Read God’s Word and receive it, apply it, live it out.


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