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“6The Lord works righteousness

and justice for all who are oppressed.

He made known his ways to Moses,

his acts to the people of Israel.

The Lord is merciful and gracious,

slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.” (ESV)

C: David is exhorting himself, then angels, heavenly hosts, and all creation to praise God.

O: 6 The Lord brings justice for the oppressed?

7 God made Himself, character and works, known to Israel through Moses.

8 The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love

9-10 God has every right to be angry toward man, but by grace He does not treat us as we deserve but instead gave His only begotten Son to pay my debt.

M: What is God’s character, what has He done for man? How is He merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love? How does He bring justice for the oppressed? I don’t need to look further than the Bible, or specifically here, Exodus.

When Moses was just an infant in the midst of the killing of Hebrew infants, God rescued him through extraordinary means (adopted by the princess of Egypt herself!) (Exodus 2:10), and used Moses to set His people free from slavery in Egypt. Through miracles again He demonstrates that He alone is the true God, even His enemies were in awe.

A: 1Know God through His Word and deeds. 

a. His character through His relations to man, interactions and works.

b. “He made known His ways.” I did not find God, but He made Himself known through the people of Israel, chosen by a promise, not by their works.

2. Dwell on the fact that God made Himself known to me, not that I found Him. He placed the desire in my heart.

3. Remember my sins against the Lord and how He has been merciful and gracious, not treating me as I deserve but “crowning me with love and compassion.”

Father, Your Word is life. Since the beginning of man You have been merciful, gracious, loving, and just in all Your ways. I confess that I have forgotten You just as the Israelites did and returned back to Egypt. Father, by the Holy Spirit help me to know and understand You more intimately, giving You the glory and praise due You, the only King. Lord, give me understanding so I may bring Your love to those You place into my life. Thank You Father, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


Bless the Lord, O my soul,

and zforget not all his benefits,

who aforgives all your iniquity,

who bheals all your diseases,

who credeems your life from the pit,

who dcrowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

who esatisfies you with good

so that your youth is renewed like fthe eagle’s.” (ESV)

C: A Psalm of praise. It is right after a Psalm of an afflicted man, yet both praise the Lord.

O: 1 The Psalmist tells his soul to praise God with everything he has.

2 Remember what God has done

3 a. Forgiven my sins b. Heal my diseases

4. a. saved me from the lowest point b. crowns me with love and compassion

5 Satisfies my desire with good things so my strength will be restored.

M: Praise God by remembering all that He has done

Like the song 10,000 Reasons, there are so many reasons to praise God for. Lately I’ve become stale in the giving of praise to God, this passage reminds me to remember all that the Lord has done.

A: Remember what God has done and praise Him.

1. How he saved me from my sins, even while I was His enemy (Romans 5:6,8). He did so by giving His only begotten Son, who lived a sinless life, yet died the sinner’s death for me. How since my conception, God has been taking care of me, even when I didn’t care about Him.

2. How God has healed me from much of sin’s effects, or in the process of healing:

– Less fighting with parents

– More thankfulness for the talents and gifts that God gives

– less loneliness and seeking affirmation from man

– Learning to look forward to the future, less on what I don’t have.

– Forgiveness toward others as God has forgiven me

– Less worry about school, future, job, family than before

– Patience toward situations where I used to would be impatient (Driving, with people)

– Learning to find comfort in Christ, instead of food, people, games, entertainment.

3. Crowns me as His son, inheriting all the earth. He also gives me infinitely His love and compassion through His Word, through His people, through His creation, through His Spirit… Freely is His grace given to me, freely may I receive!

4. Satisfies my desires and restores my strength – Lately I’ve had the joy of writing songs again and playing the guitar. Also time with friends, a new hobby (running), and also many opportunities to be Christ for others.

Father, You have been so good to me. As I grew up without any thought or care for You, You have been protecting me, leading me all along. Everything I have is a gift from You, and I have never done, nor ever will, be able to deserve any of the blessings You pour on me. Father, I have been lacking in thanksgiving towards You and instead have become focused on the things I do not have. Please forgive me of my grumbling over my future career, relationships, worries that You do not know best for me. I pray for more rememberance for what You have done, so that there would be less of me and more of You.


“23 He has broken my strength in midcourse;
    he has shortened my days.
24 “O my God,” I say, “take me not away
    in the midst of my days—
you whose years endure
    throughout all generations!” (ESV)

O: 18-20 The writer records his suffering so that future generations may know the Lord saves and give Him praise.

“Hear the groans and release those condemned to death”

21-22 So the Lord will be praised at the end of this age, when all His people will be gathered and worship the Lord.

23-24 God gave the Psalmist suffering so that he would call on the name of the Lord for help

25-27 and give Him all glory and honor and praise, praising His power in creating the heavens and the earth, His timelessness, and never changing, always the same, the same God of love and justice will remain forever.

28 God will rescue and bless not only His people, but the generations after them. That means my children, their children, their children’s children, etc. will partake and enjoy the Lord forever!

M: To be able to ascribe all His suffering and afflictions as from the Lord, some may call him crazy, or his God as not all powerful, all loving. Yet the Psalmist gives the reason for the suffering in the very next verse, so that he would call out to the Lord,

24 Praise and worship Him

25 Ascribe all worthiness in God alone, nothing else in heaven and earth can compare

27 Bringing the focus back to God Himself

28 and looking forward to future promises.

A: Recognize that every circumstance, the joyful times and times of sorrow are from the Lord. In times of affliction:

1. Call out to Him for deliverance

2. Praise and worship Him for who He is, remembering His perfect character. Turn attention to God instead of my ability.

3. Look forward to future blessings!

Father, I praise You for Your Words of life, for being sovereign. Forgive me for not turning to You in my afflictions, please grant me wisdom by Your Spirit to turn and praise You in the storm and give You all the honor and glory and power.

“because of Your great wrath, for you have taken me up and thrown me aside.” – Psalm 102:10.

Context: According to the NIV “A prayer of an afflicted man. When he is faint and pours out his lament before the Lord.” A man going through intense suffering.

Observation: 1-2 A plea to God to save

3-5 Description of his suffering

6-7 He became alone, shunned by others

8 Persecuted, mocked because of his sufferings

9-10 The Psalmist acknowledges that his circumstance is from the Lord

11 A repeat of verse 3, summary of his agony and situation

12-14 But he praises God for His eternal rule and fame through all time. God will have compassion on His church. 

15 The nations will fear the Lord, because…

16-17 The Lord will rebuild His church, appear before the world, answer and heed to the cries of the distressed.

Meaning: “because of Your great wrath, for you have taken me up and thrown me aside.” – Psalm 102:10.

The afflicted man acknowledges that his suffering is from the Lord, instead of blaming it on coincidence or others. How does he do that? Because he understands that the Lord is sovereign over all, even the “crooked lot” that we receive. This is such a great faith; the moment I encounter pain and trials my tendency has been to turn to entertainment, food, people, anything to find comfort, instead of coming before the Lord and acknowledging that the suffering is from Him. I am distrusting God’s ability to provide for me. Instead, I believe that I am more wise, more able, more loving than my Heavenly Father. What a great folly!

Application: Seek God in my trials and suffering, because ultimately the trials are allowed by God in my life for my good. (Rom 8:28). Also, He is infinitely more wise, more able, more loving, and more compassionate toward my suffering than I ever am or will be for myself. Trust that not only is the trial from my God, but that deliverance will also come from Him.

Father, I praise You because You are sovereign over all things. In my sin I have thought myself to be more capable of taking care of myself than You. I confess that in my times of sin and rebellion I am not trusting in You. Thank You that You are a compassionate God, and that You have pity on me in my afflictions. Help me to trust in You at all times, so that You would be glorified in Your servant’s life.

Ch 8

v 3-4 God’s love is so amazing!

v 5-8 God gave us freedom over all the earth!

Ch 9

v 1-2 Never forget what God has done, and will do in your life! Praise God!

v 9 The Lord is my Stronghold.

v 13-14 God saves us from the pit of death, time and time again.

v 18 God will tend to the needy and restore the hopes of the hopeless!

v 19-20 Humble me God, remind me that I am but a man, who am I to be loved by You?

Ch 10

v 2 The wicked cannot see they are poor, in arrogance

v 5 The wicked man is blinded and cannot see how grim his situation is.

iniquity- absence of moral values.

vexation- anger produced by annoying irritation.

Ch 11

v 5 The Lord tests His children; He tests us to mold us and to teach us to trust in Him.

Ch 12

v 5-6 God saves us from our suffering at His right timing. His words heal us and are pure.

v 7 The Lord will always be with us, forever and ever.

Ch 13

? When I am going through hard times should I let others know? A: Yes, but be sure to let God know first!

v 2 This whole life is going to be a fight.

v 5 Even though the darkness is overwhelming, even though the heart aches, trust in God’s steadfast love because He has promised salvation and that cannot be taken away!

David is writing that although he is going through a hard time and it seems as if God is not there, he will continue to trust in God’s promise and continue to praise Him.

– In the same way I need to put my trust in God’s promises, in His word. God’s love is unfailing and I will do my best to continue praising Him for who He is.

Ch 14

abominable- extremely bad or displeasing.

v 1 There is no one who does good apart from God.

v 7 When is the key word here. God promises salvation and you can be sure He will keep that promise!

Ch 15

v 1 ? What is the difference between a temporary stay in God’s tent and living on His holy hill? A: I’m guessing that the temporary stay is the time on Earth, and the other is eternity in heaven.

v 4 ? What does it mean to despise a vile person?

v 4 “swears to his own hurt” means keeping a promise.

? v 5 What does not move mean?

This is a nice list list of things I can strive to imcorporate into my life.

Ch 16

In God I have true peace, divine protection. Only in God can I find goodness!

v 2-3 Apart from God there cannot be joy, no good. But there is delight in the Lord and those who follow Him!

? v3 What about the saints? Just randomly inserted here A: The brothers and sisters we have all around us!

v 5-6 God controls our lives, and the way He writes our life story, isn’t it the most beautiful? God knows what is best for us.

? v 7 “my heart instructs me” also means “my kidneys instruct me”. What does that mean?

v 8 Because God is with us, we cannot lose!

? v 10 “let your holy one see corruption?” God will not allow those who constantly seek Him to fall!

v 11 Only in God can we find true joy, true life!

Praising God for never abandoning us, that our Hope in Him is secure. For those who persevere in faith God will never fail us; in God is there true joy and a life to live for.

Ch 17

v1 Sometimes when I pray I don’t feel like praying or the words I say feel hypocritical; God tests my heart, not my feelings.

? v 14 For those who are satisfied with this life, how is it possible to accept God?

v 15 I need to always trust in who God is. that every morning I would wake up to not how I am but to how God is perfect.

Ch 18

v1-3 The Lord is my strength, protection, and salvation. Only He is worthy to be praised, to be able to deliver me out of darkness.

v 4-5 It feels as if death is all around me; when I am in the darkness of despair, it feels as if there is no hope to be found.

v 6 When I cry out for help, God hears.

v 7-15 Just how amazing God is, and what great lengths He goes to deliver His people.

v 16-19 God rescues me from situations that I would fail on my own and gives me strength. God delights in those who seek Him.

v 20-24 God rewards my faithfulness.

v 28 God is always the light in my time of darkness.

v 29 When empowered by the Holy Spirit, it seems as if the impossible becomes possible.

? 41 Why is it they call out to God but are not saved?

Ch 19

v 5 pavilion- a tent or tabernacle

v 7-9 God’s law is perfect

v 13 Keep me from sinning on purpose

Ch 20

v 2 We are also supported by those in the church; not to walk this Christian life alone

Ch 21

v 6 Also a blessing to others, not just self

? v 8 What about the left hand?

Ch 22

v 2 This is what I feel like when in darkness; as if everything around me is against me, no hope

? v 12 what’s with the bulls?

v 13 ravening- Living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey

v 14 When my heart feels missing

? v 15 What does it mean to have strength dried up like a potsherd?

v 29 Even the wicked will live in Christ

v 30 Posterity- future generations.

? v 31 to a people yet unborn?

Ch 23

v 1 God knows what is best for me, I do not need to worry about my wants

v 2 God brings me peace

v 3 He lifts my head up (Psalm 3:3), makes my paths straight (Proverbs 3:6)

Ch 24

? v7-9  Why is the King of glory coming in? What are the gates?

The King of glory is Jesus.

Ch 25

? v14 What does it mean by the Lord confides? Does He really trust in someone imperfect?

Ch 26

v 8 Why does one love the house?

Ch 27

v 2 How do the evildoers assail me?

v 4 David is a man who seeks God with his whole heart.

v 8 Seek is plural here

v 10 What does it mean by forsaken by parents?

v 13 God’s glory and blessings are found everywhere around us!

v 14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Ch 28

v 7 I still haven’t written a song for God (as a musician)

Ch 29

v 1-2 Give authorship to the Lord because He created everything.

v 5 What does it mean to break the cedars of Lebanon. What is Lebanon.

A: Lebanon is a place famous for its strong and large cedar trees. To break down the cedars of Lebanon is like breaking down the high and proud sinners.

v 6 What is Sirion?

A: Name of a mountain.

v 8 Kadesh is a large wilderness that is vast and terrible.

v 9 What does it mean to make the deer give birth?

Ch 30

extol- praise, honor.

v 5 Song “I’m Trading my Sorrows”

v 7 What is my mountain?

v 10 Why is God our helper?

Ch 31

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

Ch 32

v3 Confess your sins to the Lord; don’t allow them to stay with you.

v 6 While you may be found?

v 9 Those who do not understand God’s love but tries to attain salvation by works.

Ch 33

“he who forms the hearts of all,

who considers everything they do.”

Ch 34

Ch 35

v 12 What does it mean repay me evil for good?

bereft- feel lost, heartache

v 13 What does it mean for head bowed on my chest?

v 15 Who are these wretches?

v 16 It seems the wicked are associated with grabbing the righteous by their teeth; like wolves or lions. (17)

v 19 What does it mean to wink the eye?

vindication- justification for some act.

v 26 Is it ok to curse others?

Ch 36

v 6 God saves both man and beast? What does it mean by beast?

v 11 Foot of arrogance?

Ch 37

– This is an acrostic psalm, in that each stanza begins with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Ch 38

I went through a similar period of time in which I felt as if the darkness around me was going to swallow me; that all but Jesus was lost. He did not let me give up in that time, and has brought me out of that pit I was in.

Ch 39

v 3 Heartache? It makes me go crazy sometimes.

Ch 41

v 1 I need to learn how to love even those who are most unlovable, to not judge someone even before I speak to them.

v 4 To ask God to heal my soul.

v 9 Who is his close friend?

v 13 “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! Amen and Amen.”

Ch 42

– An online friend quoted this chapter to me in my times of trouble.

v 4 Never forget what God has done in your life.

v 8 What does it mean by day and night? Is day the times of rejoicing and night the time of sorrow?

v 11 God is my only Hope.

Ch 43

vindicate- Show to be right by providing justification or proof.

v 4 Why only then is he going to praise God? It is hard to praise God when you don’t feel like it.

v 5 Same exact verse as Psalm 42:11

Ch 44

v 3 God gives me the strength to do all things!

– Whether God allows His people to prosper or suffer, it is His right.

Ch 45

– A love song. This Psalm, is filled with praises.

Ch 46

v 2-3 Even in the darkest of times God is with us.

Ch 49

? v 4 What does it mean to solve my riddle to the music of the lyre? That I should solve my predicament through music?

v 20 A man with foolish pride and no understanding of God is no different from the animals that perish without understanding.

Ch 50

Names for God, The Mighty One, Lord, Perfection of Beauty

v 9-13 God owns everything. He does not want the action, the physical sacrifice, but the thanksgiving of the sacrifice.

v 23 Offer thanks to God and glorify Him because He saves and will save!

Ch 51

– This psalm is really speaking to me right now; my sins have continued to haunt me over and over again. Please, cleanse me of my transgressions…

*Song “Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God”

v 5 From birth we are sinners.

hyssop- leave with mint smell and bitter taste

v 10 right or steadfast spirit; I long to have a steady spirit, one that does not continue the emotional cycle that I have been constantly going through.

v 13 Are we only able to teach when we are joyful?

v 16 God does not need my sacrifices

v 17 Broken heart?

Ch 52

* “His Love endures forever”

v 6 What kind of laughing? Mocking laugh?

Ch 53

v 1 There is none who do good without God.

v 2 Good can only come from seeking God.

v 5 How does God put fear in their hearts?

Ch 54

v 7 Has looked, that he already saw the triumph? Or the past triumphs?

Ch 55

v 4-5 This describes the darkness I feel in times of trouble.

v 12-14 TO be betrayed by a friend would hurt a lot, if not permanently. Even more when the friend used to follow Christ.

v 16-17 Even though the darkness is overwhelming, call out to God because He hears our prayers. He hears our pleas.

? v 20-21 What does this passage mean?

v 22 Put your burdens on the Lord, and have faith because God will never allow those who put their faith in Him to fall.

? v 23 those wicked men will not live out half their days?

Ch 56

v 3-4 What can those men do to us? Our salvation and Hope in Christ can never be taken away!

v 8-9 God knows our every hurt, our every tear. He will heal you.

v 10-11 same as v 3-4. Praise God!

v 12-13 God has saved me from death; He has not allowed me to give up so that I may live to glorify Him! How amazing is our God!

Ch 57

v 2-3 God is sovereign over our lives, and His plans for us will always succeed! He will save, just wait.

v 7-10 Be steadfast and rejoice because God’s love never fails and He is always faithful. Praise God!

Ch 58

v 3 estranged- caused to be unloved.

v 4 adder – a person that adds numbers -.-”

Ch 59

v 3 transgression- violating a law.

v 11 totter – wander.

v 11-13 God has mercy on His enemies.

v 16-17 Continue to always thank God for His amazing love. Never forget. Praise God!

Ch 60

v 3-4 God brings us through so many difficult trials; many that have brought me to my knees. Not only that, but He also saves me everytime when I come back to trust in Him!

? v 6-8 What are these cities and the purpose of this passage?

v 11 Man cannot do anything, because it is God who does everything.

Ch 89

v 1-2 God’s love is forever and true! He is faithful!

v 7 God is greater than even the angels who serve Him together!

q: v 13 What about God’s left hand?

v 31-33 Even though we sin God still loves us and is jealous for us!

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