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A verse that got me out of a day in the pits of depression. For many years the verses prior had been my turn to verses as a Christian:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Now this verse adds an extra dimension to trusting in God.

“Do not be wise in your own eyes” – What does it mean to trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding? To humble myself. Next to the Almighty God, I know nothing. To turn away from trusting in my wisdom and understanding…

Fear the Lord – To be in awe of Him, reverence, worship Him

Turn away from evil – This is what it means to acknowledge God and trust in Him. To turn away from all things that are not His will. Since I was born my feet are set to run the crooked path, but thanks be to God that in His mercy and grace, to His glory, He gave this sinner a new heart and a sonship through the substitutionary sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

There is so much I don’t know, thank You Father for the privilege of being able to learn from You, trust in You. My life is secure in You!


“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

O: Prudent- careful and sensible, marked by sound judgment.

  • Danger is able to be seen and protected, ran away from.
  • The simple doesn’t care and suffer out of ignorance and stubbornness.


M: What are the sins I fall into over and over again? From the proverb the prudent would first be aware of potential dangers and prepare adequately. While the simple ignore or neglect the preparation and suffer from their folly.


A: What temptations do I fall into over and over again? To “see danger and take refuge.”

 1. Write out temptations that I struggle with

2. Take action to prevent/stay away/run from temptation.

– Also give biblical reasons, otherwise it may just become a to do, but not answer why? (Why not drink soda everyday? Because it is unhealthy, empty calories, bad for teeth… etc. , as opposed to just saying it’s bad for you)

Example chart:


See Danger (List of possible temptations); Take action (How to prevent or prepare when temptation comes)

– Too much video games; Delete to honor father and mother (perhaps they asked for me to quit), Sexual temptation in games (they sure don’t draw ugly characters)

– Sexual temptation; Accountability with brothers, remember women are God’s daughters, made in His image, someday one will be my wife (perhaps) and stay faithful to her. For the other girls, they will someday (perhaps) be wedded to another man, fellow brother. Have protection for internet, use computer in public place.

– Giving heart away to a person;  Make sure to not favorite anyone, hang out in groups and try not to hang out alone.

– Eating for comfort food; Stay at good sugar level by eating meals regularly and fruits often throughout the day. Get adequate rest when tired (usually start craving when tired, sad)

– Lack of self control; Make a schedule. Remind myself of purpose in life : To know Jesus Christ more intimately and to make Him known throughout the world.

And more important than anything I can every plan, pray! “Ask and you shall receive. My strength is enough for you.”

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu


The book of proverbs is by king Solomon, who was son of king David and Bathsheba.

Ch 1

proverbs- Truth that is revealed to us then we use in our life.

prudence- discernment.

v 1-4 The purpose of Proverbs is so that we may become more wise, more discerning, more knowledge of what is good and what is evil.

(Humble Heart) v 3 To receive wisdom we must be willing to receive advice from others, which in many cases require us to hunble ourselves.

(Wisdom)v 4 Discernment for the simple. In this case simple refers to someone who is willing to gain more wisdom; To mature the youth. Wisdom will only be gained by those who not only longs for it, but seeks after it. Again, the wise man must be willing to listen. v5

Let the people who want to continue to grow to continue and read and study this book so that we may be guided by these words of wisdom. (5-6)

v 6 The fools being refered to are people who choose to reject God and try to become wise by themselves without fear of the Lord.

(Wisdom) v 7 Most of all, wisdom can only begin once we fear God, or believe in His promise and obey Him. Until then, all knowledge goes to waste because it will not be used for God’s glory. Knowledge without the fear of the Lord may also lead to arrogance, and the hardening of the heart to the Gospel.

(Honor your father and mother) v 8-9 Obey your parents because not only is it a blessing for us, but God has commanded us to “Honor your father and your mother.”  (Exodus 20:12a)

(God’s love) v 8 God leads us and cares for us as a father or mother would, with love.

v 23 I need to humble myself to God’s rebuke to grow in wisdom and understanding.

v 32 For the simple are killed by their turning away… even believers can be simple.

complacency- the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself.

Ch 2

v 4-5 search for wisdom as a hidden treasure and you will find wisdom in God.

v 12 God’s wisdom will protect you from the false prophets.

Ch 3

v 4 By God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to Him favor will be with you.

v 12 God rebukes those He loves; remember this in times of trouble.

Ch 4

v 20-22 God’s words are life to the soul and peace to the heart; hide His word in your heart.

v 26 Think about your decisions before you make them, wisely, and they will be sure.

Ch 5

v 8 Stay away from the temptation of sexual sin, don’t even go near it.

v 12-14 Do not live a life that you will regret in the future. Listen to wisdom, humble yourself when God/people rebuke you.

? v 19 God wants us to “be intoxicated” (go crazy) over our wife. Haha

Ch 6

v 6-8 Not having people telling you what to do around you is no excuse to be lazy. Look at the ant, that is always working hard even when he is alone.

v 9-11 Don’t be lazy.

? v 16 What does it mean by “there are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him?”

v 24 evil woman, or wife of a neighbor.

v 26 What does it mean a married woman hunts down a precious life?

v 32 Do not commit adultery, it not only destroys your life but also the lives around you, and also the person’s life who you commited adultery with.

Ch 7

v 2 “keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye

– The apple of my eye, eh?

? v19-20 What does it mean that her husband took a bag of money with him and will come home at full moon?

Ch 8

v 13 To fear God is to hate evil.

v 22 The Lord created wisdom; without God there is no wisdom.

v 34 Blessed is the one who listens to wisdom daily.

v 35-36 Seek wisdom to find life and favor from the Lord. Do not neglect it!

Ch 9

v 1 The seven pillars refer to the seven churches in Asia.

? v 3 Why young women?

? v 7-8 Does does mean it is useless to correct someone who doesn’t want correcting?

? v 12 What does it mean to be wise for yourself and to bear it alone if you scoff? A: I think it means you will be wise for yourself means you benefit yourself, not in the selfish sense. If you laugh at others, you alone will suffer.

? v 13-18 What does this passage mean?

folly – foolishness.

Ch 10

– A lot of proverbs to meditate on!

v 5 Now is the time for harvest! Don’t be the son that brings shame!

? v 7 Does that mean if I had a bad memory of someone, they were wicked? In my case it would be the German missionaries, the elder from the local church, etc.

v 8 The wise will humble themselves and receive instruction while the arrogant man who talks back will gain nothing.

? v 10 What does it mean to wink your eye?

v 16-17 Have faith and seek God for there is life, otherwise we may lead others astray.

v 19 Be wise in your words, know when to not say too much.

? v 22 What does it mean God adds no sorrow with it, or and toil adds nothing to it?

? v 24 The desires of the righteous will be granted… what do I desire? As of now, that is an end to this heartache of mine.

Ch 11

– again, a lot of proverbs to meditate on!

v 2 God has humbled me in so many ways! And yet I still do some unwise things :]

? v 6 Taken captive?

? v 15 Why is there harm from putting up security for a stranger?

v 16 Violent here means “guards himself fiercly.

? v 21 Why are the offsprings of the righteous will be delivered?

v 25 So true! In my case I have been blessed so much teaching children’s sunday school! Even if I’m a lazy teacher 😛

v 31 If life is hard for us believers, how much more worse for the non-believers.

Ch 12

v 11 I need to stop following worthless pursuits and stop doing things that waste my time.

v 16 vexation- anger produced by some annoying irritation.

v 18 To rebuke gently, not attack and condemn. This is something I need to pray (a lot) about.

v 25 Evevn a single word can brighten someone’s day! Thanks

Ch 13

v 12 When a dream is fulfilled, there is so much joy! But when a dream is lost, it hurts…

v 20 Does this mean to never hang out with fools? A: Proverbs 14:7 says to leave the presence of the fool. Now the question would be, who is a fool? A: Proverbs 14:9 says a fool is someone who sees wickedness as a joke; even though they know something is against God they still do it.

v 23 fallow- Undeveloped but potentially useful.

? v23 Who causes this unjustice?

v 25 Truely, with God I have everything i could ever want!

Ch 14

v 6 A man who just condemns will never understand the love of God, and gain wisdom.

**In my case it would be the German missionaries, that they spend too much time judging others they forgot that they themselves are no different.**

v 7 Do not hang out with fools.

? v 10 What does it mean that the heart is bitter and no one else can share its joy? A: The cross-references at 1 Samuel 1:10; Job 3:20 says that those who are bitter are also the ones that receive the light and life.

v 12 Apart from God there is no life, no eternal joy.

? v 13 What does this mean? How come I can feel so happy yet so sad at the same time?

v 14 backslider- Someone who lapses into previous undesirable patterns of behavior.

**So it is possible to always go back to our old, bad habits. I need to be careful.**

v 17 To not have a quick temper, but slow to anger and quick to listen.

v 21 Love everyone as Christ loves us first and don’t condemn people.

v 22 To obey God is to have steadfast love and faithfulness.

v 25 I need to speak nothing but the truth.

v 26 ? Where is my confidence?

v 27 **To escape from the darkness I need to fear God; love Him and trust in Him.**

v 32 Even in times of trial God is with us.

Ch 15

v 11 The Lord can see all the wickedness of our hearts.

v 13 When my heart is sad my spirit really is crushed. Can barely do anything.

v 18 contention- strong disagreement.

v 19 level highway- does not variate. The path of the upright does not sway while a wicked man’s will change with the wind.

v 22Seek God and other people’s counsel.

v 23 apt- useful.

? v 25 What does it mean that the Lord maintain’s the widow’s boundaries?

v 28 Think before you speak.

v 33 **This is to fear the Lord.**

Ch 16

v 1 Although we plan, it is the Holy Spirit leading us to speak and act for Him.

? v 2 How to set my heart in the right place?

? v 4 Does that mean salvation is predestined?

v 9 God is sovereign.

? v 32 How do you rule your spirit? I fail at this since it is my spirit that rules me.

Ch 18

v 1 Don’t isolate yourself from others.

? v 22 What does this mean, that he who finds a wife find a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord? What about the people who don’t find a wife? Vice versa?

v 23 entreaties- earnest and urgent request.

Ch 19

v 2 Don’t be hasty in your actions, know before you make your move.

v 14 **True love is from God, so trust in Him to write your love story!**

v 20 Though I may not like the rebuke now, I will understand it later and appreciate it.

v 23 When God is my life I am at peace.

v 27 Don’t forget to constantly spend time with God!

Ch 20

?v 1 brawler- ?

v 6 This is “love” in our world today.

v 8 winnows- to separate the grain from the chaff.

? v 14 What does this mean?

? v 16 What does this verse mean?

v 24 I never understand the way God works in my life but I know that He is smarter than me.


I. World & Life View

“Two things I ask of you, O Lord. Do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me, give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say,’Who is the Lord?’; Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.”

This verse means a lot to me: one is asking God to keep the devil’s lies and deception away from me, and the other is to never make me poor or rich. There are many times when there are voices telling me that I will fail, or lead me astray; That is why I always need God’s hand guiding me along the way, constantly seeking His advice. The second half of this verse is a warning to everyone; God blesses us with so many talents and gifts, that we may end up forgetting, like so many others, of Who has given all this to us in the first place. For example, look at America today. It first began as a Christian country, by people who feared and followed God. As time went on and the country grew bigger and more prosperous, people began to forget about God; many still remember Who God is, but does not remember what He has done for us. Christians have been blessed too much and end up becoming idle, or worse, turning away from God. This verse serves as a constant reminder to me reminding me that it is God who has given me everything I have; at any instant should I never even imagine that it was by my strength or abilities. This verse also reminds me that God provides for His people, and that I should never worry about never being able to have enough to survive, if it is God’s will.

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