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I was worried about how I was going to get money for dinner with my friend tonight because I was out of cash (and worried about other things too) , and while thinking I stuck my hand in my pocket and found twenty dollars!

My worries instantly disappeared! God always provides and is always in control, never forget that! God is just too amazing! XD

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu



Here’s a poem from the book “Streams in the Desert” by L.B. Cowman that I would like to share.


Rain, rain,

Beating against the pane!

How endlessly it pours

Out of doors

From the blackened sky-

I wonder why!


Flowers, flowers,

Upspringing after showers,

Blossoming fresh and fair,


Ah, God has explained

Why it rained!

Thank God for the rain!

Not only did God give me one song, but two! That’s two more than I would have ever dreamed of! Praise God! XD


(V 1)
What is it that my heart desires?
Is it the riches, fame, or power?
Even if I could have all those things,
Would it, ease the longing in my heart?

(C 1)

That’s what my heart desires,
From the One who gave,
Gave His everything! (x 2)

(V 2)

What is it that my heart desires?
Is it the beauty or the child?
Even if I could have all those things,
Would it, ease the pain that’s in my heart?

(C 1) (X 2)


My God, my God,
why would You care for me,
so much, that You gave your only Son to me,
that You hung on a cross,
and shed Your blood for me,
my God, my God, my God…

(C 2)

that’s why You died for me,
On that cross where You,
You paid the price for me!

that’s why You rose for me,
on the day that You,
You set Your children free! (x 2)

Thank God!

Do you hear it? It is the sound of rejoicing;the Battle has been won, Jesus reigns!
But, the fight is not yet over. Until the whole world hears of the Savior; until the last life is saved, never give up!
Live for Christ, our Hope and Promise;
May the song of victory be your reminder;
may His Words be your guide;
may His Love be your strength, child of God!
Be Bold, Be Courageous, for the Lord your God is with you!
May we always delight in our Lord Jesus now and forevermore!

Love Always,

– Joshua H Wu

In the darkness of my despair,
When all hope seemed to have been lost,
There was still this promise that I’d
heard,Of a savior whose name is Jesus,
His name is Jesus.

He was born in a manger,
In the small town of Bethlehem,
Surrounded by shepherds and Magi who came,
Because of a promise they had heard, of a
savior whose name is Jesus,
His name is Jesus.

The promise was that “For God so loved the
world, that he gave His one and only Son,
That whoever believes in him shall not
perish, but have eternal life”, eternal

He lived His whole life on earth for the
people, to be taken to the cross, where He
kept His promise to us, the promise that He
would be the sinless sacrifice for the sins
of the people,the people.

With nothing to lose I took Him up on His
offer, to accept Him into my life, I
repented that I’m a sinner, who did not
deserve to have this gift of life, that my
God was offering to me, for free, for free,

As I got down on my knees, said “God
would You please, come into my life,
because I’ll give
You my dreams, heart, desires
for the only One who is worthy, He is

He said,
“Rise my child and stand on your feet: for
I have appeared to you for this purpose, to
make you a witness both of the things
You’ve seen, and of the things which I
Will reveal to you.”

Since then God has kept good His promise to
me, He’s filled my life with His love
And His grace, In return for the One who
set me free, I’ll use this life to bring
Him glory.

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