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Here’s a poem from the book “Streams in the Desert” by L.B. Cowman that I would like to share.


Rain, rain,

Beating against the pane!

How endlessly it pours

Out of doors

From the blackened sky-

I wonder why!


Flowers, flowers,

Upspringing after showers,

Blossoming fresh and fair,


Ah, God has explained

Why it rained!

Thank God for the rain!


He lived, for you
He died, for you
He lives, for you
He waits, for you
His love, for you

Jesus loves you.

i am no man of God;
He is the God of man
so It’s all good!

Give a man some control and he will show you just how selfish he is;
Allow God to be in control and He will show you just how gracious He is.

Without Prayer, i am nothing. With Prayer, God is everything.

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