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” To pray for things contrary to the revealed will of God is to tempt God.”

Praying against His will would be like asking God to break His promise, and God does not break promises.

Three ways in which God’s will is revealed to men for their guidance in prayer:

1. Revealed by express promises or predictions in the Bible.

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24)

– Promises in regard to particular things.

2. Revealed by His providence.

providence– God’s guidance.

When He makes it clear that such and such an event is about to take place, it is as much a revelation as if He had written it in His word. I would be impossible to reveal everything in the Bible”

One example would be when God calls a person to go to a particular country. It is not literally stated in the Bible for that person to go where and when, but that person is guided by God’s providence.

3. Revealed by His Spirit.

When God’s people are at a loss what to pray for, agreeable to His will, His Spirit often instructs them.”

The Spirit helps us in our weakness,” and “the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express” (Romans 8:27)

– I believe this, that when I am at a loss for what to do, the Holy Spirit guides me back to God, both in prayer and heart.

“Be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). And He will lead their minds to those things God is willing to grant.

– Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, and He will lead us to do God’s will. I can attest to this, that each time I am brought before God and repent, as in surrendering my will to His will, the Holy Spirit takes me and guides me to do God’s will. And through the Spirit I am able to do things that I could never have done on my own strength.


Summary: God’s will is revealed to us either by the Bible, through His providence, or the Holy Spirit. Read the Bible so you will know His will that is revealed through the word; God’s providence can lead you to know what He wants, and what to pray for; surrender yourself to the Holy Spirit so that He may guide you in prayer.


Section: Prevailing Prayer 2 of 12

But instead of having anything particular to say, any definite object before their mind, they fall down on their knees and pray for whatever floats through their imagination at the time, and when they are done they can hardly tell you a word of what they have said. this is not effectual prayer.”

– This is something I’m very guilty of; praying for whatever currently is on my mind. And when I’m done, I can’t tell you what I had just prayed for. If prayer is to move us, then I’m failing at it; if I don’t remember anything I had just prayed for, how will I know when God answers?

A man must have some definite objective in mind.”

Currently I am praying only when I feel to pray, and in those times there is not really a goal to be accomplished in my mind. I need to start a prayer schedule, maybe pray for something different each day. I’ll start that now.

All the instances of effectual prayer recorded in the Bible are focused on one thing.”

Hmm, very interesting. While going through the Bible, I’ll be sure to notice this.

Wherever you see that the blessing sought for in prayer was attained, you will find that the prayer offered was prayer for a particular objective.”

– This makes a lot of sense in that by praying for a particular goal you are able to know when God answers.

Summary: When we pray we must pray for a particular objective, in that we know what we will pray for before we pray, and that after we pray we remember what we had just prayed for; otherwise, how will we know when God answers? Make a prayer schedule, maybe a list of something that you will be praying for, or to pray for a different objective everyday, in a set of maybe a week.

Section: Prevailing Prayer 1 of 12

“Prevailing or effectual prayer is the prayer that attains the blessing it seeks. It is the prayer that effectually moves God. The very idea of effectual prayer is that it affects its object.”

Two kinds of means to promote a revival:

1. influence men- Tell others about Christ, the Gospel, the Truth.

2. influence God- We cannot change God or His will, but through prayer we are producing a change in us that allows God to work through us; our “state of feeling” renders it possible for God to answer our prayers.


“Prayer produces such a change in us as renders it consistent for God to do as it would not be consistent for Him to do otherwise.”

– Hopefully when we pray, it is just between God and us (not thinking about “Does my prayer sound good?” “What cool thing can I say to make others say Amen?”) and those are the times when our heart’s true nature is revealed; when we are most truthful in prayer. In those times, when we praise God, when we lift up our burdens to Him; when we are connected to God through prayer, our feelings are genuine. When we ask for help, ask for wisdom, strength, guidance, God will give it to us, because we are asking with the right motives, the right mind-set. Then again, if I really wanted something cool like a fancy sports car and even have great feelings for it, God would not answer my prayer because it is not in His will; I’m thinking for myself instead of how I could be God’s good and faithful servant.

“Truth by itself, will never produce the effect without the Spirit of God, and the Spirit is given in answer to prayer.”

– We can preach the Word, memorize the Word, and live the Word all we want, but if the Holy Spirit is not guiding us, then there will bear no fruit; the Holy Spirit is awakened when we ask God for It. (I’m not saying we don’t have the Holy Spirit, we all received it when we accepted Christ and repented, but that to utilize It’s infinite power, we need to ask God, through prayer, to let us use it.)

“Sinners are not converted only by the direct contact of the Holy Spirit, but by the truth employed as a means. To expect the conversion of sinners by prayer alone, without the employment of truth, is to tempt God.”

– We are not called to only pray either because if all of us believers prayed that the lost would receive salvation, but don’t actually go to tell them about the Gospel/love them with action, how would they ever come to know Christ? It is like asking for an A on a test, but never taking it upon yourself to study; It will be impossible unless God wills it.


– We need to tell others about the Gospel, but at the same time asking God to guide us through the process. Prayer renders our hearts to be aligned with God, so that He may work through us. The Bible cannot change hearts without the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit cannot bring others to know Christ without the Truth( the Gospel, Bible) through the work of us believers, who are led by the Holy Spirit…

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