Found a couple of tips I wrote to myself as a student. I hope you find these practical and useful!

Tips learned to study more effectively


1.      Zoom out/choose a smaller font when reading on a computer. It is less stressful on the eyes (don’t need to move as much), and less time is spent in scrolling through on the article.

2.      Read through the entire article’s bold points first, then read the whole article. Try to finish the article in one sitting to get the context. Highlight/ underline/ take notes after every section in the article. I find that splitting a reading and coming back later I waste some time trying to remember what I had read before.

3.      Make blocks of time to study to stay focused. Sort of like the previous tip, beginning to study is the hardest part; therefore, having to “prepare to study” less times will make studying less stressful.

4.      Remind myself why I study – God, family, future family

5.      Take breaks In between studying, not during. Take meaningful breaks, meaning do something that will recharge me to continue my work. For me it is taking a walk, napping, planning my to-do…

6.      Study (sometimes) with friends – This is a great way to encourage each other to work hard and remind myself why I want to study hard. To love my friends. Be wise in who to study with and when, sometimes friends just want to hang out (which is fine, but if I need to study, I better go study)

7.      Go to your professor/T.A.’s Office Hours. Even if I don’t have any questions, I can learn much from my fellow students. Also a great time to ask

8.      If all these methods don’t work, perhaps I was not meant for school. There are over ten thousand other ways to make a living that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

9.      Sleep/Time management -, Though it is tempting to neglect sleep to study for a test the next day, a neglect of sleep will hinder not only your ability to take the test, but possibly hinder your entire week as you are fatigued and not able to think at your best, making unwise decisions.

10.  Form study groups – Get to know my fellow classmates and keep each other accountable, encouragining one another to do well!

11. Use caffeine wisely, caffeine before 1pm is less likely to effect my sleep.