Devotional: My Upmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers

C: Paul writes to the Philippian church to rejoice in the Lord. He warns them to look out for those who mutilate and put confidence in the flesh. Paul gives evidence that he, more than anyone else, can boast in his achievements. He counts them all as rubbish (8) that he may gain Christ through faith, know Him and the power of His resurrection, share in His suffereings, becoming like Jesus in His death. Whatever it took for God to fulfill salvation in him.

O: 12 Paul states that he is not perfect and has not yet obtained the ressurection from the dead, but he perseveres to make Christ his. Why? Because Jesus made him His own.

M: What is my definition of a good Christian life?

Wrong thoughts

– Growing in holiness

– Becoming sinless

– less suffering

– strive for godliness

– obtained perfect relationship with God

A: Replacing false conceptions of a good Christian

1. Continued Growth in a relationship with God vs already arriving at perfection

2. Expect more suffering after becoming a Christian vs less suffering

3. Strive to sin less, but never sinless

why? Because “Christ Jesus made me His own.”

These points are important for me to remember, because the moment I believe a Christian should be perfect or have it all together, then I have forgotten about sin.