“One strength of Thorne’s work is that she carefully addresses the heart and not merely the outward behavior. When it comes to sexual sin or any other sin that is manifested outwardly, it is so easy to fixate on behavior modification. But she coaches the reader in examining her heart, and learning the deeper sin problem that is causing her to act out lustfully. She deals well with true repentance, pointing out the difference between tears that flow out of shame and tears that flow out of a true desire to repent. “You can’t cry guilt away. You need to give it away.” ” – Helen Thorne

Tim Challies gives a review on a book dealing with purity for women titled “Purity is Possible” by Helen Thorne.

What a truth that needs to be constantly heard and repeated. Sin and the resulting guilt cannot be cried or wept away, but given to Jesus Christ, the Savior and Lord who died for sinners like us.

Link to his book review here: http://www.challies.com/book-reviews/purity-is-possible?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_content=5575&utm_campaign=Four-hourly_%272014-11-04_12%3a15%3a00%27