Article on “The Most Underwhelmingly Astounding Fact” by Tim Challies, :

Great article and reminder that though I am nothing before God, He chose to become nothing (Christ from God to man) to show me that I am very, very significant to Him. And you are too!

“The Bible assures us of two facts that are in no way contradictory: We are very, very small, and we are very, very significant. We are small in comparison to the infinite and eternal God who created us, but we have the utmost significance because we are created in his image. We are microscopic when compared to God, but an integral part of his plan for this universe. We are mere dust, but the Son of God saw fit to clothe himself in this dust. The most astounding fact is not that we are made of the same stuff as the stars, but that God chose to be made of the same stuff as us.”