C: The new heaven and new earth are established, God dwells with man.

O: 4 His servants will be able to see His face, something amazing because since Adam and Eve, man would die from seeing God’s face.

5 No more night. He and His people will reign forever.

6 God’s Word is truth, we can trust Him. The word soon take place.

M: (JGE) We shall see Christ with the eyes of our understanding and eyes of our bodies. In the new heaven God’s children will clearly be His, unlike on earth now. We will be perfectly holy to the Lord. 

How I long to meet my wife, but do I long to greet my Lord with even greater longing? Once Christ returns I will know Him without the hinderance of sin, perfect in understanding. And this understanding will continue to increase to no end in heaven!

A: Long for Christ’s return

1. Meditate over the gospel

2. Meditate on what it means to be adopted into God’s family, never to be seperated again.

3. Whatever experience I have with God here on earth, the experience will be infinitely greater in heaven with no more sin.