C: Last chapter of Revelations, John’s vision is coming to an end. Evil has been defeated, Heaven and earth have become one. God dwells with man.

O: 1 There is a river of life flowing from the throne of God. The water will be as bright and pure as crystal. Oh, how beautiful that will be! it is amazing how John can write in past tense, as if it had already happened. But since God is faithful and does all He promises, I can also live as if these events have occured.

2 Middle of street, any importance? (Rev 21 mentions street of gold, JGE mentions it) Be available to the whole city. Most trees only have one kind of fruit, but the tree of life will have 12 kinds! Wow! And unlike trees now where they only grow in season, the tree of life will bear fruit each month, constantly, forever. The trees of life are the same ones Adam and Eve had in Eden. Interestingly enough, we now gain the attributes from both trees, the knowledge of good and evil plus eternal life! The leaves also bring healing. What a powerful tree. (Is this symbolic of God Himself?) JGE mentions that the tree of life is “not the Gospel, nor godliness, nor eternal life, nor any other of the divine Persons, but Christ, who is the author of life, natural, spiritual, and eternal”) Wow!

3 Evil is gone, it has been judged and is being punished, no longer to exist. Only the throne of God and the Lamb will exist for the rest of eternity, where we will worship Him forever.

A: Remember the future to come

1. Healing from all evil, and Christ Himself will sustain us for all eternity.

2. Throng of God will reign forever, He will be our God and we His people.

3. We will be able to worship Him without the effects of sin, unhindered prayer, perfect fellowship.

4. The river of life flows from God forever, beautifully bright as crystal, the tree of life will bear its fruit each month for eternity.

Abba Father, You are the source of life. You alone will defeat evil and lock it away. Lord, I do not yearn for the future to come, give me this longing, the desire to bring others wilh me. Thank You for Your encouraging words, that I will one day be able to worship You forever and ever in perfect fellowship. Give my fellow men the undestanding of the future to come. May Your will be done. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.