C: God finishes justice and reconciling man to Him. He then speaks to John in future tense.


O: 6 To those who are thirsty God gives Himself freely to satisfy them.

7 If we seek God we will find Him, and the Lord will adopt us as His own children.

8 For the wicked and sinners, they will perish in hell.

M: Does this mean only the perfect may go to heaven? No! Romans 3:23 says “There is no one righteous, not one.” No person on earth is perfect before God. So who are those who conquer? Those who acknowledge that they have wronged God. Those who acknowledge that they have been cowards who try to run away from taking responsibility of their wrongs against God, those who acknowledge they have been believing God to be less worthy than them self, Those who acknowledge they have been trusting in their own strength, wisdom, and ideas as opposed to God’s. Those who acknowledge that they have been prostituting their strength, time, energy, life to a person/thing/idea that is not God, who alone is worthy to be lived for. Those who acknowledge that they have been liars and believing themselves to be right before a Holy God.

Those who do not acknowledge these refuse to repent and instead of freely receiving God’s gift of life, they will lose it forever.

A: Acknowledge that I am a sinner in need of God’s mercy and grace.

1. Be grateful for His grace

– Don’t take His Son’s sacrifice for granted, believing myself to have deserved any part of it.

– Give thanks to God continually for what He has done.

– Be patient towards others because whatever wrong they may do to me, I have done worse towards God in the murdering of His Son, desecrating of His name.

2. Pray and live a life that others may understand their need for a Savior and return to Him.

3. Constantly be receiving God’s gift of life.

– Meditate on the gospel

– Enjoy what He has made (food, fellowship, fun, nature, family, friends, etc.) and give thanks

– Read God’s Word and receive it, apply it, live it out.