“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

O: Prudent- careful and sensible, marked by sound judgment.

  • Danger is able to be seen and protected, ran away from.
  • The simple doesn’t care and suffer out of ignorance and stubbornness.


M: What are the sins I fall into over and over again? From the proverb the prudent would first be aware of potential dangers and prepare adequately. While the simple ignore or neglect the preparation and suffer from their folly.


A: What temptations do I fall into over and over again? To “see danger and take refuge.”

 1. Write out temptations that I struggle with

2. Take action to prevent/stay away/run from temptation.

– Also give biblical reasons, otherwise it may just become a to do, but not answer why? (Why not drink soda everyday? Because it is unhealthy, empty calories, bad for teeth… etc. , as opposed to just saying it’s bad for you)

Example chart:


See Danger (List of possible temptations); Take action (How to prevent or prepare when temptation comes)

– Too much video games; Delete to honor father and mother (perhaps they asked for me to quit), Sexual temptation in games (they sure don’t draw ugly characters)

– Sexual temptation; Accountability with brothers, remember women are God’s daughters, made in His image, someday one will be my wife (perhaps) and stay faithful to her. For the other girls, they will someday (perhaps) be wedded to another man, fellow brother. Have protection for internet, use computer in public place.

– Giving heart away to a person;  Make sure to not favorite anyone, hang out in groups and try not to hang out alone.

– Eating for comfort food; Stay at good sugar level by eating meals regularly and fruits often throughout the day. Get adequate rest when tired (usually start craving when tired, sad)

– Lack of self control; Make a schedule. Remind myself of purpose in life : To know Jesus Christ more intimately and to make Him known throughout the world.

And more important than anything I can every plan, pray! “Ask and you shall receive. My strength is enough for you.”

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu