C: John sees the future in a vision. Satan, the beast, the anti-christ and unbelievers are judged and cast into hell.

O: 1 New heaven and new earth come with no sea.

2 God creates the Holy City and presents it to His people

3 God chooses to live among men. We will be His people, and He our God for all eternity.

4 No more crying, no more pain. God will wipe all that away; it only exists now, while sin still exists.

5 ?Does that mean He is in the process of making all things new?

M: 1-3 When God creates the heavens and the earth, there will no longer be any sea (suffering). As we receive the Holy City as our beautifully dressed bride, even greater is that God Himself chooses to be with men and be with them, be their God. What will it be like to wait for my bride at the altar? The splendor of the Holy City will be as it, if not far greater. I long more often for my wife than for heaven though!

A: Remember the future to come

1. New heaven and new earth, no more sea (suffering).

2 Holy City will be as a beautifully dressed bride to us, the groom

3 Greatest of all, Emmanuel, God with us. Forever.

Father, in You there is no beginning and end. While I only see a portion of time, You see it all at once. Give me more of a longing for heaven and looking forward to the time when fellowship between You and all Your people will be perfect. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.