Bless the Lord, O my soul,

and zforget not all his benefits,

who aforgives all your iniquity,

who bheals all your diseases,

who credeems your life from the pit,

who dcrowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

who esatisfies you with good

so that your youth is renewed like fthe eagle’s.” (ESV)

C: A Psalm of praise. It is right after a Psalm of an afflicted man, yet both praise the Lord.

O: 1 The Psalmist tells his soul to praise God with everything he has.

2 Remember what God has done

3 a. Forgiven my sins b. Heal my diseases

4. a. saved me from the lowest point b. crowns me with love and compassion

5 Satisfies my desire with good things so my strength will be restored.

M: Praise God by remembering all that He has done

Like the song 10,000 Reasons, there are so many reasons to praise God for. Lately I’ve become stale in the giving of praise to God, this passage reminds me to remember all that the Lord has done.

A: Remember what God has done and praise Him.

1. How he saved me from my sins, even while I was His enemy (Romans 5:6,8). He did so by giving His only begotten Son, who lived a sinless life, yet died the sinner’s death for me. How since my conception, God has been taking care of me, even when I didn’t care about Him.

2. How God has healed me from much of sin’s effects, or in the process of healing:

– Less fighting with parents

– More thankfulness for the talents and gifts that God gives

– less loneliness and seeking affirmation from man

– Learning to look forward to the future, less on what I don’t have.

– Forgiveness toward others as God has forgiven me

– Less worry about school, future, job, family than before

– Patience toward situations where I used to would be impatient (Driving, with people)

– Learning to find comfort in Christ, instead of food, people, games, entertainment.

3. Crowns me as His son, inheriting all the earth. He also gives me infinitely His love and compassion through His Word, through His people, through His creation, through His Spirit… Freely is His grace given to me, freely may I receive!

4. Satisfies my desires and restores my strength – Lately I’ve had the joy of writing songs again and playing the guitar. Also time with friends, a new hobby (running), and also many opportunities to be Christ for others.

Father, You have been so good to me. As I grew up without any thought or care for You, You have been protecting me, leading me all along. Everything I have is a gift from You, and I have never done, nor ever will, be able to deserve any of the blessings You pour on me. Father, I have been lacking in thanksgiving towards You and instead have become focused on the things I do not have. Please forgive me of my grumbling over my future career, relationships, worries that You do not know best for me. I pray for more rememberance for what You have done, so that there would be less of me and more of You.