Here are some of the main points from the notes I took during the congregation sermon of J Mac and guest speaker Steve Lawson for the college fellowship, powerful sermons from these men of faith!

Speaker: J Mac Date 8-17-14 Title “I and the Father are One” John 10:22-42

1. The words of John are given so that we would believe Jesus is the Christ – John 20:31.

2. John 6:37 Sinners can’t make a decision for Christ, Christ makes decisions for sinners.

– Sinners need to repent, but it is God who draws sinners.

3. “Every saved person is a love gift from God”

– None can effect the security of a believer. We are secure because chosen by God for His flock. To suggest God isn’t able to do that is to blaspheme the Good Shepherd.

4. Eternal life is GIVEN.

– If there is one room in heaven that is vacant, then God is not God.

5. John 17:10 We will share in the reality of Christ.

6. John 7:7 Why such hostility from the mob towards Christ? Because when sin is confronted (or a person confronted about their sins), there will be persecution from those who do not accept.

Speaker: Steve Lawson 8-17-14 Title: What is Truth? John 18:36-38

Context – Our Lord before Pilate, will endure a total of 4 trials before the crucifixion.

v 38 Pilate’s question of “What is truth?” to Jesus is filled with sarcasm, meant to bring Jesus down.

Main point: Make the truth your cornerstone (live by the Bible)

3 Settings for the sermon

I. Rejection of truth (v 38)

a. Sin begins with rejection of truth

– Satan in Genesis 3

b. the truth, not a truth (in the greek the definite article “the” is used to indicate that there is only one truth, God Himself)

II. Reality of Truth (v 37)

a. Jesus came to testify to the truth

b. Truth is reality, the way things are

c. Comes from God Himself, who is the author of all truth. Truth is what God says something of truth. God Himself is truth

8 Words to define truth.

1. Divine – Truth is from God.

2. Absolute – There is only what is true, everything else is a lie.

3. Objective – Clearly defined, not many different truths.

4. Singular – All truth fits together.

5. Immutable – Never changes as God ever changes. 

– It is timeless, eternal, transcendent.

– it is anything consistent with God.

Truth is whatever God says is true.

New truth is old heresy”

6. Authoritative – Truth is sovereign, has the right to rule my life, should rule my life.

7. Powerful – Truth convicts, converts, saves, damns.

8. Determinative – Truth is concerned first and foremost of God’s truth, all about truth.

III. Reception of Truth (37b)

We were enabled by God to hear the truth, see the truth, by the sovereign grace of God made to hear the voice of God. (John 10:27)


Truth remains, endures, moves forward, continues. Darkness cannot extinguish the light. Everyone today desperately needs the truth, it is the most precious commodity available.