Here’s a song I wrote last week for a songwriting class I am currently taking at UCLA, for fun! 

Being single is a hard season in a person’s life. Since the second grade I’ve been looking for the One God has in store for me. If I must continue waiting, might as well have fun while doing so! Here’s a song to my future wife, wherever you are. Hope this encourages the singles out there! (I definitely need encouragement… 😦   )

“Having Fun Writing a Simple Love Song to my Wife

Sitting here writing a love song
to my wife, a simple melody
Using the I, vi, IV, V chords

For the lyrics, letting it go
Having fun, just pen and paper flow
With the words I wish to say


In a simple song and a melody
Like a child learning the Do Re Mi
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Do to you I say I do, I do
Re(Ray) of light from my morning star
Mi Forget about me cause it’s all about you, you, you
Fa I’m falling, falling for you
Sol(Soul) Destined to be yours alone
La (Love) you forever
Ti Till eternity

Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La, Sol, Mi, Re, Do
Sol, La, Ti, Re, Do