Some points that stood out from this article by Jamie Brown sharing from his experience last decade of leading worship:
1. Be a clear leader
Need to be responsible and set an example for the team, else they have no vision/goal to pursue.
“People respond well to clear leadership. They shy away from timidity.”
2. Build Community
This is what I’d like to have for my worship team, need to be intentional on this.
“Your team’s effectiveness in worship leading will increase exponentially if they love each other, have fun and laugh together, pray together, worship together, go out to eat with one another, have inside jokes with one another, and enjoy each other’s company.”
3. Laugh Laugh Laugh
It is most easy to laugh when I remember that my identity is not found in how well I worship, but who God is. Therefore I can have fun praising God even with my flaws.
“People love to laugh. If your times together as a team are marked by laughter, then people will want to come back, even if it means getting up early, staying out late, or spending an entire morning at church. Laughter is a powerfully magnetic tool.”