Reading Spurgeon’s sermon “Songs in the Night”, in which he writes, “What! Hast thou buried thine own diary? I bessech thee, man, turn over the book of thy rememberance.” Spurgeon encourages his hearers to remember what God has done in times of “night”, or sadness.

I. What God has done since the beginning of time
II. Remember the moment of salvation
III. Remember how He has saved from previous nights.

Not even halfway through Spurgeon’s sermon and God has given a “song in the night.”

Came across an old diary entry,

“Precious Child”

song mp3

“Precious Child, Precious Child,
Lift your eyes and see,
Beyond the clouds, the Son abounds,
His grace for you and me,

Precious Child, Precious Child,
Look to Calvary,
On that Mount, lift’d off the ground,
His life for you and me.”

“and thou shalt find that God hath given thee a song in the night.” – C. H. Spurgeon