Matthew 5:41 “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.”

Passage: 5:38-42

Who: Jesus to the large crowds that came to see him, to be healed. (Matt 4:25)

When/ere: Soon after Jesus began to minister, in Galilee. (Matt 4:23)

? Does this apply to all circumstances?

– Jesus was silent as a lamb before His prosecutors, (Isaiah 53:7)

– Jesus rose up to clear out the temple when His people were being cheated in His Father’s house.


– Jesus gave new commands to differentiate His people from the world.

– Now that we are under the covenant of grace, laws are different.


We are now under a new covenant of grace, and when others try to hurt/take advantage of us, we should not retaliate, but instead show them kindness and forgiveness. This love of Jesus is very radical, even today; how in the world can I give to those who steal from me?

Through our personal relationship with Jesus, God will give us the supernatural ability to love beyond comprehension in this world. Anyone can love a good man, but a bad man? Only through God’s grace working in us are we able, so spend some time with Jesus, let Him transform you. By my own strength, I have failed countless times, and I will fail all the more. Please Lord, reign in me.