First day at UCLA, getting to start it off with God! 🙂
Sept. 22 Passage John 13
Who: Jesus to disciples
When: The Last Supper
Why?- To show them “the full extent of His love.” 1
– He knew his time had come, that Judas was going to betray Him. 1-2
– Jesus was returning to God 3
– To give his disciples understanding of what he has done for them 12
– Jesus set an example for His disciples. 15
What: – Jesus is our Master (Teacher) and Lord. He reminds again that this is true.
? 7-10 What does it mean that unless Jesus washes His disciples, they will not be clean? Snd also that the disciples are clean, then they only need to wash their feet?
– The Matthew Henry Commentary says “Jesus washed disciples’ feet, that he might teach us to think nothing below us, where we can the promote God’s glory and the good of our brethren.”
– The importance is that it is by Christ alone, not our strength, that we are cleansed.
– To cleanse ourselves from daily guilt and watch against everything that defiles us.
Jesus washes His disciples’ feet. Remember how my Lord and Master’s humility in serving others. How proud and shameful must I be when I think myself as greater than anyone, please help me change.

Jesus does not force us to obey Him. He commands that we do; we decide whether to obey the Master.