Been listening to Christian Rap lately. Something that only rap can do, not even the fastest of guitar songs, is that it overwhelms you with lyrics, with God’s Truth!

Some of my favorites are Masterpiece by Jin:

Lord it’s a blessing just to be able to praise You
You’ve given me so much there’s no way I can repay You
When I think about Your love it’s hard not to be consumed
You knew me before I was formed inside my mother’s womb
Under Your supervision I was wonderfully made
The thought of it is mind blowing it’s no wonder I’m amazed
I was created in Your image that’s humbling just to say
You put me on this earth and know the number of my days
When it comes time for judgement the moment that I meet You
I only hope You’ll recognize Your child when I greet You
I’ve been thinking ’bout it and I’m done with contemplatin’
The world is fading away so there’s no time for waitin’
For that moment that I feel like it’s finally right
I’ve been searching for joy only to find it in Christ
Yeah it changed my life when I made the revelation
That I am the masterpiece out of all of Your creations

Look at my flaws and all
So many times I fall
Never out the potter’s hand
God I don’t understand
Me wonderfully made
Really me You died to gain
Not perfect but You love me
Cause You are my master
And I am your masterpiece

He’s the first of these Christian artists that I heard, a free download of his new mixtape can be found here:

Another great song would be “Best Thing that I’ve Found” by Saigon (my new ringtone!), lifted me back up when I wanted to give up on my faith:

“Sometimes the pain is the motivation to trust
And them scars are the evidence that the journey was rough”