Passage: John 1:43-51


Jesus to Nathanael


Beginning of Jesus’ ministry calling of first disciples


– Nathanael questioned whether Jesus was the promised Savior to come.

– Jesus spokes the words in (47) that caused Nathanael to ask Jesus, “How do you know me?”

– Jesus answered Nathanael’s question, leaving him no room for doubt.


– Seems Nathanael, though early disciple, was not chosen as one of Jesus’ 12. Why?


– God knows us because He made us, He is all-knowing.

– Jesus leaves us no room to doubt He is God’s Son. “Come and see” Jesus, as Philip says, and He will prove Himself to be the Savior.


Trials reveal our true character; they reveal our personal relationship to Christ. “What is unseen will be seen.” If I do not live as God calls me to (worship, pray, Bible reading) in the calm parts of life, I definitely will not live as God alls me to when trials come. Not only will I be useless to God, but a hindrance.