Why is this lesson so important for me personally to hear?  

From studying the story of “Jesus has mercy on blind man Bartimaeus”, I am reminded that Jesus has mercy on those who call out to Him. He loves them! When Bartimaeus hears ‘Jesus of Nazareth is passing by’, he calls out to Jesus, saying, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Why Son of David? Bartimaeus really believed that Jesus was the Christ! For me, it reminds me, “do I really believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord, and that by faith, I am healed from my hurts?”

Here was a man who was blind, lived a lift that had so much suffering, and Jesus cares about him. Here, God is able to do the impossible!

has it had that impact?

Yes it has, though I’m still digesting the story. Again, being reminded how much Bartimaeus suffered as a blind man, how amazing is Jesus’ mercy of healing him! May God become even greater in my life and dwarf all the worries and sorrows I have.

Here’s my retelling of this story to the kids, using a flannel board and figures. Fun fun fun :]


  1. Introduce Bartimaeus (blind man, maybe from birth, beggar). He is sitting by the roadside begging.
  2. He hears a crowd, asks what is going on? What is the noise?
  3. They reply, “Jesus of Nazareth is leaving the city.” The Jesus that can raise the dead, the Jesus that can feed the five thousand, the Jesus that could heal the sick was here! And he was leaving!
  4. When he heard that it was Jesus, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”
  5. The crowd told him to be quiet. They didn’t want Jesus to be annoyed by a dirty, poor beggar.
  6. Bartimaeus doesn’t stop, even though he feels hurt, but shouts again, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

(Insert 5Jesus into flannel)


  1. Jesus stops. He hears Bartimaeus calling Him. He tells the crowd, “Call him.” The crowd becomes silent, and someone tells Bartimaeus to, ‘Stand up, Jesus is calling you.’


Scene 2: 2crowd , 1Bartimaeus (standing), 3 background, 5Jesus


  1. Throwing his cloak aside, Bartimaeus jumps to his feet and walks carefully to Jesus. It is hard from him because he is blind. Trembling because it was very quiet, he finally makes it to Jesus.
  2. Jesus asks him, “What do you want me to do for you?”
  3. Bartimaeus thinks about what Jesus has just said. It has been a long time since someone cared about him. He thinks back to his childhood, how his family left him. How no one wanted to be his friend because he was blind. He thinks back to his life, how he has to beg everyday because he was not able to do anything else. He knows what he wants to ask, but thoughts begin to pop up. “It is impossible, no one can heal the blind. Jesus doesn’t care about you, leave Him alone.” But there was one voice in Bartimaeus’ head, that spoke louder than the rest. This is Jesus, the Messiah, the healer of the sick, the one who can raise the dead. The one who cares for the poor, who is a friend to everyone. If there is anyone who can do it, Jesus can. With tears streaming down his cheeks, Bartimaeus says in a soft whisper one simple sentence, which was what he wanted his whole life. It was his biggest dream. Bartimaeus whispers, “Lord, I want to see.”
  4. While the crowd watches in amazement, Jesus says, “Go, your faith has healed you.”
  5. Slowly Bartimaeus opens his eyes. For the first time in his life, he is able to see. And the first thing he sees is Jesus smiling at him. He looks around and sees the crowd, he sees the world. There are so many colors! Bartimaeus was so happy that he couldn’t stop laughing, he couldn’t stop crying, he couldn’t stop shouting, “Thank You God! Thank You Jesus!”
  6. The crowd is amazed and begin to praise God too. They had never seen a blind man healed, so they knew Jesus was definitely someone special.
  7. As Jesus and his disciples leave the city, the crowd and Bartimaeus follow him, sending Jesus off with praise and thanking God.


Questions and Activity

◦              What kind of person was Bartimaeus? Rich or poor? Important?

◦              Could he have a job? Why?

◦              Why was there a crowd?

◦              Why did the crowd tell Bartimaeus to be quiet?

  • – Is that a weird thing to say? “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’

◦              Did Jesus care about Bartimaeus, even though he was poor and blind? Yes, because Jesus is loving!

– What does Jesus tell the crowd to do?

– What does Bartimaeus do?

*The cloak was probably the only thing he had, since he had no money. But he threw it aside!

– What does Jesus ask Bartimaeus?

– How does Bartimaeus reply? “Lord, I want to see.” Is that something normal to ask? (Remember, no one could heal the blind)

◦              – What does Jesus say? “Go, your faith has healed you.” What happens?

◦              – Why could Jesus do that? Why did He heal Bartimaeus? Because he believed!

– What did Bartimaeus do after? What did the crowd do?

Jesus’ miracles always gave God the glory and praise, not Himself.

*Now that you heard this story about blind Bartimaeus, think now about yourself. Does Jesus care about you? No matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, Jesus cares about you.

* Does He listen when you call to Him?

*Is there any problem you could have that Jesus couldn’t help you with?

*Let’s thank Jesus for being just who He is. God! (1 prayer of thanks each to God, ending with worship)