Frankly, I’ve never heard of the author, Calvin Miller, until a close friend of mine, who is a devoted Christian, allow me to borrow it. I myself like to read so I find a few books fascinating. Although not a Christian by heart I was really appalled by Miller’s perspective on the subject.

   Calvin seems to captivate a Christian audience and church-goers by emphasizing Love as a personal reflection and man’s questions about God’s plan. These are questions that open you up deeply about love if you’re willing to open up your heart and answer them honestly. From a biblical perspective, it reflects on the purpose of God’s on the readers’ life, their relationship with Christ, their service to others, and their personal worship.

   The book’s structure is actually a small group study where participants explore various relational aspects of the Fruit, in this case Love. Six days of the week are to be used, and the seventh day used for group discussions. Each day is a different topic: day 1- The theme of the week. Day 2- The Purpose of God in My Life. Day 3- My Relationship with Christ. Day 4- My Service to Others. Day 5- My Personal Worship. Day 6- A Bonus study. Day 7- Group Discussion.

   Going through a difficult time in my life where I wasn’t feeling appreciated or accepted, reading it through day by day individually I felt the power of the Spirit help me see that I am beautiful, unique, and – being a Child of God- learned that love comes from God. Is fair to say that this is a good study for new believers since it’s well applied and easy to understand. This study could serve as a great reminder of these basic principles of love, and to make sure this Fruit is developing in a healthy manner in their walk with God. This basic study of love will benefit many believers.