Here are two points that stood out to me as I watched David and Sally Michael speak on children’s ministry. The videos and notes can be found here:

Session 1 – A Vision for God-Centered Worship in the Next Generation – Video | Notes
Session 2 – A Vision for Biblical Literacy in the Next Generation – Video | Notes
And for those who can’t make it this coming Sunday (like Chandra), here’s the third one:
Session 3 – A Vision for Encouraging Faith in the Next Generation – Video | Notes


1. “It is in a variety of life experiences that the Word of God is tested and… found to be true.”

How often in the day does God work in our lives, showing His faithfulness and promise to be true. And at the same time how often I miss the signs of God leading in my daily life routines! If we could be intentional in seeing just how many miracles God does in our lives each day and for them(providing food when I am hungry – man, on the ride back from Hollywood Bowl I was feeling hungry and prayed in my heart for God to provide or at least get my mind off my hunger, and the next moment a brother offered me a bag of fritos!), how much more would we be equipped and able to point others to see the way God has been daily, constantly, and always blessing them!

2. “Children rise to your level of expectation”

This one in particular hit home. Recently I have been able to spend time with others and when I spend time with them I have the fear that talking too much or on deeper topics about God and His Word would lead them to feel bored. God is the one who changes lives, who renews our hearts; let us not be afraid to set bigger goals; may we come to expect others to rise to levels far beyond our very own!

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu