1. “The contemporary evangelical Church is ‘Corinthian’ to the core. It is being stewed in the molten juices of its own sensuality.” I agree because many times the way we behave towards the opposite sex at church would be no different than the way we treat others outside of church. Praise God, at my church it is more enforced and spoken against, though we aren’t perfect in this matter. In my personal life I still constantly battle the temptation to stay pure though most likely I still have many actions and attitudes that came from the past.

2. “At the moment [of lust] we forget about God and lose all reality.” In my battles with temptation I have found this to be true, that as soon as I give in to temptation everything God has done for me and told me to do goes out of the window. The most effective way to prevent moral lapses is to prevent ourselves from even “taking a second glance.” To remember why it is we strive for godliness and purity. For God, because He forgave me for every sin I have commit and will commit to free me from sin’s grasp.

1. Prayer

– pray for purity

2. Accountability

– with your spouse, with brothers and sisters of the same sex

3. Discernment

– what situations to avoid, to not “take a second glance”

A way I found effective in helping me flee from temptation is as simple as spending time investing in someone else’s life. Whether just hanging out, spending time with them or even praying for them.