– Just a few minutes spent watching TV or surfing the web today and one can find sensuality being paraded as fine. Sex, lust and adultery are becoming less of a deviance but is even being encouraged in our culture today.

Progressive desensitization to sin and descent from holiness can take any man down.

– Even if the culture allows the sin, by the Bible it is still a sin, abominable in God’s eyes.

1. R. Kent Hughes uses the example of David and Bathsheba to present the dangers of not being on guard and pursuing the discipline of purity.

– Dangerous to relax at disciplining myself; if I am not pursuing and growing in discipline, what direction am I going in? I must be backsliding!

– When lust takes control I forget about God.

– In the heat of the moment it seems we can come up with the weirdest rationalizations to justify our lust. one ex. would be “I’m acting in love.”

2. Eventually a thought becomes an action, and an action leads to another until this snowball effect destroys the lives of not only the individuals involved but also their friends, family, church, life.

– There are great consequences for our sin (specifically lust)

3. The discipline of purity involves:

1. Accountability

– your spouse, your brothers/sisters in Christ, your mentor. Ask them to keep you accountable in this area.

2. Prayer

– to be intentionally and consistently praying for your intention to be pure and for others also in this regard.

3. Memorization

– Let God’s word change me, to be able to recall scripture at the most critical time when we must choose to either fall or flee from lust.

4. Mind

– To be careful what we think about and what we look at; Our actions, our words will reveal the impurities of our hearts.

– We must forbid a second thought, a second glance at temptations but instead focus on Christ’s love for all men and women.


Great chapter on the discipline of purity, thank you R. Hughes!