Disciplines of a Godly Man, Ch 1- Discipline for Godliness

Reading through this book with a brother from my church, may much fruit come from it!

  1. Spiritual discipline means to train yourself to become godly. (1 Tim 4:7) I need to (because of God’s love for me!) throw off everything that hinders me in my relationship with God, whether habits, tendencies, sins that impede a life that is holy, set apart for God.
  2. It is important to pursue spiritual discipline because without spiritual discipline there will be no maturity, bad discipleship. Today disciplined Christian lives are the exception. In today’s world men are less spiritually inclined than women though we should be the protectors and providers for them. The disciplined Christian gets the best of both worlds, the world now and the one to come!
  3. (Romans 3:9-18) No man or woman pursues God, we are all spiritually naked! Our tendency is to pursue our own selfish ends instead of God’s will to be done.
  4. A lack of spiritual discipline can and will lead to not growing in maturity, in not living the life that God calls me to, to go backwards in my relationship with God, running away from Him. A lack of spiritual discipline will affect everyone in my life, to bring others down because of my own lack of spiritual discipline. I can see this clearly and want to change!