It’s 1:30am, just got home from school. No, I don’t have school this late! haha

Today I came home to find that my mom took my brother to the hospital, because he was very weak from the disease he had for the last month. I called him to see how he was doing, and he told me he was tired.

All the time since I got home to then, I felt nothing. I really felt nothing, even hearing that my brother is in the hospital. What sort of person am I? I told myself I was garbage. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I took my guitar and walked out, first to a nearby Jack in the Box to eat, then to my school’s campus to find a quiet place. While playing the guitar I thought about love, and what love is. Then I suddenly realized, “I am loved.”

As a result, God has given me a new song, and even more. Right when I finished writing the song a security guard came by, and to make a long story short I made a new friend named Naamen who is a youth pastor for a nearby church and we got to talk and pray for my brother. How amazing is that? Thank You God. Here’s Your song, from Matthew Ch 5, the Beatitudes. I’ll post up a video soon, maybe.

I am Loved


I am poor,
I am mourning,
I am weak,
I am hungry/thirsty.

I am ashamed,
I am broken,
I am nothing,
yet, I am loved.


I am loved, loved, loved
by the One who gave us
His One and Only Son
to show me, just how much
He loves me,


I am rich,
I am rejoicing,
I am strong,
I am satisfied.

I am redeemed,
I am remade,
I am precious, precious,
because I am loved.

I am loved.

Always have, and always will be. Thank You God.

Take care,

– Joshua H Wu