A song written for an environmental concert. The inspiration came from hiking with my mother and seeing the view from the mountain after the rain clears up the pollution, where you can literally see miles all around. The second verse is from my parents, bringing me up to never waste food.

Same Night Sky


Looking at the same night sky

The moon seems so alone

Sometimes I feel that way too

Asking “Where did everyone go?”

Though it’s just a lie

(I know) it hurts so much inside

So Mr. Moon for you

I’ll clear the sky

And show you what is true

Stars in the night, brighter than city lights

Sand by the sea, purer than snow’s white

View from on high, as far as the eyes can see

Looking at the same night sky

A child is starving alone

Wondering if there’s a place out there

A home he could call his own

Though I can’t relate

I have much more than I could need

So my child for you

I’ll change the world

And give you everything

Water and bath, cleaner than morning dew

Food and a friend, a family you belong to

All this we can do, one small step at a time