Author- Commissioner S.L. Brengle

“I like to think of that first society of His people, which we now speak of as the Early Church, as the seamless robe of Jesus.”

– The author compares the Early Church as a seamless robe.

1. [Jesus] was revealed in its spiritual life.

2. He was made manifest in the activities of the Early Church.

3. But most surely was He seen and known in and by the love which His disciples had one for the other.

The author then begins to compare sin as rents in the seamless robe.

1. First rent was Ananias and his wife Sapphira, lying about their offering of the money received from selling their land.

2. When the Grecians began to murmur against the Hebrews because their widows were neglected in the daily ministrations.

“The rending of this seamless robe can always be tracked back to lack of love. The great heresy of the ages is not manifested so much in false doctrine as in failing love and consequent false living. Faith is lost when love leaks out and living becomes selfish. Heresy begins in the heart, not in the head.” (54)

What is more dangerous than false doctrine is hypocritical Christians. All of our problems comes from our sinful, rebellious hearts.

We need to study the history of Israel to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Israelites for our Church today.

1. Miriam and Aaron became jealous of Moses.

2. Absalom through unholy ambition. Deceit, pride, caused him to perish.

3. Rehoboam turning from the advice of wise old men to listen to the haughty counsel of his young nobles.

4. Shameless, sinful neglect of the prophets.

Today we must continue to keep the robe of Jesus (the Church) seamless and protected it from rent (wrinkles). As Paul writes in Philippians, we must be likeminded, have the same love, be of one accord, of one mind. Don’t let anything be done out of strife or pride, but humbly let us all serve one another.