Ch 15

v 1-3 The Pharisees accused Jesus of breaking tradition and Jesus responds by pointing out the Pharisees hypocrisy when they break God’s command.

v 4-6 Many people, including myself, use the excuse of going to church and serving God as a way of neglecting our own parents/families. Although Jesus teaches that we are to love Him more than them, He did not teach us to neglect them. Jesus Himself took care of His earthly parents and siblings, making sure they were taken care of as He was on the cross.

v 6 What is more important to us? Traditions created by man, or God’s commandments?

v 7-9 Actions without the heart is hypocrisy.

v 10-20 It is not what we take in from our environment that makes us unclean, nor is it the sinful acts I commit everyday. It is myself, as a sinner, that I am unclean. Because my heart is unclean my actions will be also. Only by God’s Holy Spirit may I be sanctified, and until the day He takes me back it will be a daily struggle against my sinful self and God’s work in me.

v 12 Jesus knew He would offend the Pharisees.

v 15 Interesting note; Peter would later be faced with the issue of clean and unclean food (Matthew 15:11 and Acts 10:12).

v 23-26 Jesus was not ignoring the woman because He did not come to save her, but was showing how Jews of the day treated the Gentiles.

v 23 The disciples here, instead of trying to help the needy woman, was annoyed by her. We should not be so focused on trying to love God that we neglect the very people God commands us to love and care for.

v 24 Jesus was sent to God’s chosen people, the Jews. They were to have the first opportunity to hear the Good News, yet many of them were the same people who would be sending Jesus on the cross.

v 27-28 The woman was willing to humble herself to Jesus’ supposed contempt because she had faith that Jesus could make her daughter well. Jesus came to save the whole world, not just the Jews.

v 32-33 Even though we can so easily criticize the disciples for forgetting just recently when Jesus fed the five thousand, how many times do we worry and forget all that God has done in our lives? Jesus is more than enough in any situation, I need to constantly remind myself of this!