Ch 1

v 1-3 This affirms that Jesus is God, and that He was always with God. Not as a creation, but as the Creator.

v 4 God is life, and men, different from all other creation, has life because of God.

v 5 The verbs here are present tense, so even today God’s light shines in the darkness, that can never overcome the light. (ESV)

v 6-8 talks about John the Baptist.

v 13

Ch 4

v 1-2 Why didn’t Jesus baptize? He was teaching His disciples, modeling how baptism would be done.

v 3 Jesus didn’t want to face off against the Pharisees because it wasn’t time yet.

v 4 Jesus had to go through Samaria. What does that mean? Jews at that time avoided Samaria because of they hated the Samaritans, yet Jesus had to go through for the Samaritan people.

v 5

v 10 Jesus is saying things over the head of the Samaritan woman that she could not understand yet.