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Youth Ministry

I. PT523 Youth Ministry
II. Course Description
This course offers a theological and practical approach to youth ministry in the church, including the place
of youth ministry in the church’s philosophy of ministry and principles for overseeing a youth ministry
III. Purpose & Objectives
The purpose of this course is to lay a biblical foundation for the practice of youth ministry, while equipping
the student to effectively minister to today’s youth. We will examine the following areas:
· An introduction to youth ministry

?What is youth ministry? A:

· Developing a biblical vision for youth
· Evaluation of youth ministry models

– 4 primary models

– Bring it down to what is Biblical, because it will be right and effective.

· An introduction to youth culture

– Looking at content and context of youth culture today.

· Building a ministry team
· Relational youth ministry

– How to connect to youth, how to connect to parents, how to connect youth to parents.
· Skills for connecting to youth
· Skills for leading a youth ministry
· An introduction to ministry to families
· Youth ministry in an electronic age

– Taping a course, recording a course.

– Looking at how to use electronics to reach out to youth.

– Also looking at negative aspects.
· Youth ministry programs

– Look at Sunday school, youth ministry?
· Skills for evaluation

– To evaluate ourselves.
IV. Methods
· Lecture delivered via DVD or CD
· Discussion with course mentor
· Discussion with fellow students, via Internet-based discussion boards
· Readings and interaction related to youth ministry and interactive responses
based on the readings
· Research paper on one of three given topics.

– I should plan what I want to accomplish in the next 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

V. Themes and Key Words
· History
· “Because Youth
Ministry is Calling”

– A phrase they will use a lot
· Calling & Identity

– The cost of our calling into youth ministry.

· Youth Culture

– ex. The movies they see, the music they listen to.
· Vision

– Who are we reaching out to? Shepherd? Love? And how to do it?

– Philosophy about church.
· Team Relationships

– One of the great crying needs is that we don’t have enough leaders.
· Team Job
· Relationships

– “To earn the right to be heard.”

**To be involved in the kids lives outside , not only at church!**
· Target Groups
· Planning

– Rarely we ask if what we are doing is accomplishing what we want.
· Administration

To lead, its hard!
· Lost Children

– We have moments where “I don’t know what I am doing”, and also “Thank You God.” Trust in the Lord.


This introduction was really good, I hope to learn a lot from this course to apply to the youth ministry at EFCHH!

-To be involved in people’s lives outside of church. I don’t really do this…

Thank You God for this introduction!