“Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not listen to the law?” – Galatians 4:21

Many who are redeemed, having found new life through faith in Christ, also want to remain under the law concerning spiritual growth and service. This is another case of “not hearing the law.” Any believer who expects to make progress in a life pleasing to the Lord on the basis of one’s own best efforts does not really hear what the law reveals as God’s will for lives.
The law of God is not suggesting that we “be better;” it is demanding that we “be holy,” as holy as God.  The law is not implying that we “be nicer;” it is requiring that we “be loving,” as loving as Christ. The law is not proposing that we “try harder;” it is insisting that we “be perfect,” as perfect as our Father in heaven.
The law of God is not asking us to improve ourselves or to be better than the next person. Many times this inaccurate statement is heard: “Just do the best that you can; what more could God require?” Well, God is demanding far beyond our human best. His law is demanding that lives “be holy,” “be loving,” and “be perfect.” Moreover, He Himself is the standard of this holiness, love, and perfection.

– I am failing so much in this area. Many times in my life I have told people to just try their best, but never realize that our best is not enough. Only Christ can change me.

– Instead of comparing myself with other believers, I need to compare myself with Christ, who is perfect.

Lord, thank You so much for this time that I am able to spend time reading regarding this verse. I want to know You more,  I want to be a better servant for You. Forgive me Lord for trying to be better by myself, in trying to do my best. Thank You for reminding me that my best is not enough, that what I really need is You. Only You are perfect; only You should I be comparing myself. Please, change me to be like You, mold me into a man after Your own heart, a good and faithful servant. Thank You God for allowing me to spend time with You.