Ch 22

v 2 God doesn’t even need us; what then, is our purpose to live?

v 3 Even if we do our best to impress God by obeying His words, will we impress Him? No, because all God wants is faith in His Son Jesus.

v 6-9 Job obviously didn’t commit these things, so what does Eliphaz (the speaker) mean?

v 22 Hide God’s word in your heart; good advice, even though Eliphaz had the best intentions he was wrong in accusing Job.

v 24 Ophir- a gold region in the East.

Ch 23

v 8 perceivebecome conscious of.

v 10 Job knows that God puts people through trials to mold and shape them.

v 13 God is sovereign and justified in all that He does.

v 17 Even though Job was going through a hard time he still praises God.

Ch 24

v 2 What does it mean to move landmarks?