“…God’s kindness leads you toward repentance.” – Romans 2:4b

It is God’s amazing mercy and grace that leads me back to Him! I need to always come back and remind myself every day ,every moment of what God has done for me, and the world!

John 4:39-42

I came to believe not only because of fellow Christians’ testimonies, but also because God has worked miracles in my life. It is by living in His grace and being encouraged again and again by His power in people’s lives that I am brought back again, and again.

John 3:16

God’s love, which is so unconditional! To send His one and only Son to die for such a wicked world? His love is indescribable!

Proverbs 3:5-6

This is my favorite verse; it has brought me back to God so many times because it is a constant reminder that God knows what He is doing, what is best; to not rely on my own strength or understanding but God’s, because only His is perfect.


1. God’s kindness leads us toward repentance and also back to Him when we fall away.

2. God is faithful; I was brought to know Him by experiencing His amazing grace, but also brought back time and time again by His miracles and hand in other people’s lives!

3. God’s promises; Trust in God’s promises because He always keeps His word!


Dear God,

Thank You for using Your servants to bring someone such as myself to come and receive Your grace! Thank You Lord for this kindness You have shown me. Please, never let me forget what You have done for me by sacrificing Your ONE and ONLY son for my sins. Please, constantly remind me to trust in Your promises and to always lean on Your strength, not my own.
Thank God for taking me back , everytime!