Romans 2:12

For all who have sinned without the law will also perish without the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law.”

Those who do not hear God’s word (Gospel) will perish. There are no “what ifs” or trying to reason with God for the salvation of those who do not hear the Gospel.

Romans 3:21-31

We are saved by God’s grace, that whoever believes in the Gospel will be justified by faith. (24)

Works does not save us, faith alone does; but, works will come as a product as evidence of our faith in Jesus Christ. (31)

= Example of Faith that is righteous before God (Women in Matt. 1, Abraham Rom 4)

Because Abraham believed, he was considered righteous by God. (Romans 4:3)

The order for faith and work is:

1. Faith in Jesus

2. Salvation by Faith

3. Works produced by Faith

If works came before faith, then faith in God’s promise would be meaningless. (4:14)


1. Salvation is a privilege!

Don’t take it for granted, continue to remind myself just how amazing God’s grace is, to allow someone like me to come and know Him; I need to let others know so they may be saved!

2. Works is a product of a faith that saves!

3. Those who don’t hear the Gospel will NOT be saved!


Dear God,

Thank You for Your grace, giving me the privilege of my salvation! Lord, please allow me to understand just how muc hyou detest sin, the magnitude of sin, and just how much more amazing that makes Your grace! Please, give me a heart for the Lost; that I would understand just how privileged I am to know You, and share the great news!

Thank You God for saving me!