“Sing to the LORD!”

Jesus is…

1. What names does He have?

2. What are His characteristics?

– Possibly write a song with their answers

1. Ex. Wonderful Counselor, Lord, Son of God etc.

2. Ex. Perfect, Amazing, Mighty etc.

What is your favorite…

1. Type of music?

2. Band or Artist? Song?

3. Instrument?

Since the beginning of time, God has already created instruments (Genesis 4:21)

1. Anything good.

2. Jay Chou. 晴天.

3. Sing!

? Why do you listen to music?

A: Makes me happy, encouraging.

– Music is not only for us to enjoy, but also to praise God with.

Exodus 15:19-21

1. Why did the women sing to the Lord?
2. What did they do besides sing?
3. Why do we sing songs to God?

4. What are some ways we can worship God through music?

1. God just allowed the Israelites to cross the Red Sea while He swept away all of their enemies.

2. They played the tambourine and danced.

– We can worship God through dancing too! (Clapping hands)

3. To thank Him for what He has done.

? What kind of lyrics are in songs praising God?

– Use Lord I Lift Your Name on High as an example

4. Sing, play instruments, dance.

Thank God for creating music!