“Whoever is wise, let him attend to these things; let them consider the steadfast love of the LORD. “

– Psalms 107:43

Those who are wise, let us not forget the grace of God, of His unending Love. God is right besides us; do you choose to accept His love?

“The best way of increasing our knowledge of God’s infinite nature, is by the reverent study of His Word. It is a flimsy religion which discounts doctrine.”

– We need to be constantly studying God’s word in order to understand God a little bit more each time. What is our faith if we do not even study what we teach? We become hypocrites.

– By understanding Christ’s Love for us, we are becoming more like Christ.

“surely every time we sacrifice ourselves for others, or carry another’s cross, in the glow of a warm heart, we are feeling a tiny pulsation of His love.”

It is by living for Christ and living from His example we are able to experience Christ’s Love firsthand.

“Do we sufficiently praise God for His lovingkindness and truth? We are keen to pray, to cry out for help, but do we stop to enumerate the mercies and to render praise for them?”

– Do we only come to God during times of trouble? When we are facing trials? It must not be. We must not base God’s Love on how we feel; next time your heart is troubled, thank God for Who He is and for this gift of life He has given to us. To live by Faith, not by Feelings, is real faith. The more we understand this, the easier it will be to overcome trials and difficulties.

God never changes, His gift of eternal life can never be taken away. In times of suffering and difficulties, look back to God’s mercy and grace and praise Him for Who He is and will always be. Thank You God.