Ch 9

v 1 Judah was allowed to be punished because they had fallen away from God.

Q: What does it mean that the Lord was with Phinehas? How come the Lord was not with anyone else? v 20

Ch 10

v 13-14 Faith in the Lord is important. When we try to live by our own strength, we will fail; God does not work through those who don’t have faith in Him.

Ch 11

v 2 The people chose David to be their king because they knew the Lord was with Him. Our faith in God can be seen through our actions, and other people will take notice. Those who live for Christ are different!

v 9 Through faith in Christ and obedience to Him, God blesses us more than we can ever imagine!

v 11, v13 These mighty men were able to perform impossible deeds through God.

Q: Why did Abishai, who killed 300 men, did not attain to the three mighty men? What was different about those three? v 21

Ch 12

Q: Does being ambidextrious have any special meaning? v 2

C: Whoa these guys are crazy people; the least can match a hundred men? v 14

v 18 Q: Why did the Spirit cloth Amasai here?

A:The Holy Spirit gave Amasai what to say at the right time, pleasing David and also bringing strength to his own men. In the same way, G0d will provide us what is necessary to glorify Him through the Holy Spirit, if we have faith.

v 19 The Philistines did not have faith that David would fight Saul, so they turned away some of the people of Manasseh who wanted to fight with David against Saul.

v 22 Live for Christ, and He will provide. Because of David’s devotion to God, men flocked to him from all over, deserting Saul.

v 38 C: Its amazing that all this time people flocked to make David king, all David wanted to do was to please God. I want to be like him, and be a man after God’s own heart!

Ch 13

v 2 “If it seems good to you and from the Lord our God” We should make decisions based off of not only by if we think it is right, but most importantly that it is right with God; according to the Word.

v 3 Q: Why did they not seek the ark in the days of Saul? Was it because David was being hunted down?

v 9-10 At first glance, it looks as if the Lord did something so unmoral, striking Uzzah down just because he wanted to protect the ark; but “a good intention does not justify a bad action” (Henry) The Lord commanded that the ark was to be carried in a specific way (with poles and by Levites Ex. 25:14, Num. 4:15), and yet King David and the Israelites did not listen. When we don’t obey God, good intentions just don’t cut it. What is right? What is wrong? To sin is to disobey God.

v 14 Q: How was Obed-edom blessed?

Ch 14

v 10 As David relied on God to make his decisions, we should too! If we are not constantly asking God in prayer for guidance, then by who’s strength are we living by? Seek the Lord for counsel, Always.

v 14-15 When God gives us revelation, we may be caught off guard by a totally unexpected answer. Trust in the Lord to know what is best for you, even better than what you would know yourself.

Ch 15

v 2,13 David realizes his mistake back then when Uzzah was struck down and commands that only the Levites may carry the ark of God. (13:9-14) We must also learn from our mistakes.

v 19 Q: Even though Heman was even given the honor of being called “Heman the singer” (6:33), he was not one who understood music and was also appointed to play the bronze cymbals. What does this mean? That he was a good singer but did not understand that music was to praise God? That he was humble and knew that whatever he was assigned to do, that he would do it with joy for the Lord?

v 22 Q: What does it mean to understand music?

v 29 ( 2 Samuel 6:16)

Ch 16

v 2 Before we can serve the Lord we must submit ourselves to Him.

v 3 cake of raisins– a compressed batch of dried raisins.

v 4 invoke– to petition for help or support; to call forth.

v 5,7 The chief here, Asaph, could play symbols and also sing. Every kind of worship is all the same, to God’s glory!

v 8-12 Thank God for what He has done! Tell everyone about the true Hope we have in Jesus.

v 12 uttered– to make a sound.

v 17 statute– a law.

v 19-20 sojourners– temporary stay, wanderers. The Israelites were sojourners before God led them to the Promised Land, “wandering from nation to nation, from one kingdom to another people.”

v 28 Ascribe– to give credit to someone or something; to give all glory to God, for He is the One who has given us everything we have!

v 32 exult– to be joyful. Let the fields dance with joy!

v 34 steadfast– firm in place. For His Love that can never be moved, endures forever!

v 36 Amen– let it be; God’s will be done.

Ch 25

v 1 In this verse prophesied is done with music. Even though the church had not been created, Jesus had not died for us, David and the musicians were able to write Psalms, which are praises to God that apply to us today; they were created for us thousands of years ago!

v 3 Music should only be for God’s glory.

v 5 Heman was blessed according to God’s promise to exalt him. God has promises for us, live for Him and be sure that they will be fulfilled!

v8 They casted lots for their duties even if their skills were at different levels. We should do this also to keep from becoming prideful in our abilities, and remember that all glory is for God and God alone.

Ch 26

v 5 Obed-edom was blessed by God.

v 6-9 God used these men because they were able. We need to prepare ourselves, submit ourselves before God will allow us to serve Him!