Ch 2

v 1-2 The people flocked to Jesus when they heard He was returning home, eagerly awaiting what He had to say and see the miracles that He would do. Jesus promises us that He would return again, so live as if He has returned.

v 3-4 A group of friends brought their paralyzed friend on a mat to go see Jesus, but because the crowd was so large they could not get through. They went on the roof, dug a hole, and lowered the friend on the mat to Jesus. What would we be willing to do for a friend in need? Only by Christ would we be able to change. Strive to love others as Jesus has loved us first.

v 5-7 Only God can forgive sins, so the teachers of the law (Pharisees) went crazy when they heard this.

v 8-12 Jesus showed them that He is the Son of God by healing the paralytic.

v 14 Levi had the faith to just stand up and follow Jesus. When God commands us to follow Him, will we hesitate?

v 15-17 Pharisees did not like to eat with the tax collectors and ‘sinners’ because they believed it would make them unclean. Who is clean before God? God came to heal the sick!

v 18 John the Baptist was a prophet who led others to repent of their sin and also to prepare them for Christ’s coming. The Pharisees fasted twice a week to show how good they were.

v 19-20 Jesus tells them that why is there a need to fast when God was right there, before the people? He then prophesies the day when He would die on the cross.

v 21-22 Jesus did not come to add new laws to the old, but to change it entirely; all you need for salvation is Jesus, nothing else.

v 23-28 The Sabbath was a day were the Jews rested, and were not suppose to do any work. The Pharisees complained that Jesus’ disciples were breaking the law; Jesus replies that obeying God comes before obeying the law.