Ch 1

v 2 q’s: Any reason the tribe of Judah was first?

v 6 q’s: Why did they cut off the king’s thumbs and toes?

Judges 1:12-15 talks about the same things as Joshua 15:16-19, Caleb giving his daughter Acsah in marriage, then she asks for the springs of water. q’s: What does this mean?

v 24-26 q’s: Who is this man?

– These readings can also be found in the book of Joshua.

Ch 2

v 1-5 The Israelites disobeyed God and allowed the people of the land to survive, so God sent an angel to tell the Israelites of the curses that is to come. When God commands, obey Him fully, do not only obey partially. God will always keep His promises.

v 10-15 In the same way if we do not constantly repent before God, we will forget about Him and fall astray.

v 16-19 The Lord was merciful, but the Israelites continued to fall away, each and everytime. The judges represents my emotions, that when I am happy, I feel as if I could do anything for God; when I am down, I feel as if all hope is lost, and fall away from God. I need to live by faith, not by feelings.

Ch 3

v 1-6 God allows the Israelites to mingle with the other nations to see whether they would still keep His commands. In the same way, God will allow us trials and temptations to see whether or not we would keep His commands; to strengthen our faith in Him.

v 7-11 The Israelites fell away from God so He allowed them to experience hardships until they returned back to Him.

v 11 Once the godly man dies, the Israelites fell away again. We must continue to keep ourselves with God in every moment of our lives or we will also end up forgetting Him.

v 15 q’s: Interesting to note that this hero is left-handed, and that it was mentioned.

v 12-14 The Israelites again fell away from God, and God allows them to be conquered by Eglon, king of Moab.

v 15-30 Ehud, the left-handed hero God gave to the Israelites, went on a mission to kill Eglon king of Moab. Giving the glory to God, Ehud plunges a sword into the kings stomach, who was so fat that the sword sunk into, and was covered, by the fat. Ehud snuck out, locked the doors, and was able to return back to the Israelites. They struck down all of the Moabite men and took over the Moabites.

v 31 Shamgar, the successor to Ehud, killed six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. With God’s strength, the impossible becomes possible.

oxgoad- Tool used to push oxen while ploughing.

Ch 4

v 1-3 Again, the Israelites fall away from God. Every generation is different, just because a father is a believer does not mean the son will also be; that is in God’s hands.

v 4 First instance of a woman leader in the Bible.

v 4-9 Barak is commanded by Deborah, the leader of Israel, to go and God will deliver Sisera, the enemy commander, into his hands. Barak did not have faith so Deborah tells him that Sisera will be defeated by a woman, not him. When God commands us to do something, do not hesitate because God does not have to work through you.

v 11 Heber the Kenite pitches his tent away from the Israelites. This sets the stage later for God to be glorified.

v 12-21 Sisera is defeated, and he runs to Heber because his nation was friendly with this tribe. He goes to sleep, and while he is sleeping the wife of Heber hammers a peg through his temple, killing him and fulfilling Deborah’s prophecy that Sisera would be defeated by a woman.

Ch 5

On the day the Israelites won against Sisera and the Jabin army.

q’s: Were these songs made on the spot, or over time?

v 31 q’s: What is so special about 40 years?

Ch 6

v 1-12 The Israelites again fell away from God and God again brings to them a hero. God’s mercy and grace is never ending, don’t be afraid to come before Him and repent, He will welcome you back everytime.

Ch 7

Ch 8