Section: Prevailing Prayer 2 of 12

But instead of having anything particular to say, any definite object before their mind, they fall down on their knees and pray for whatever floats through their imagination at the time, and when they are done they can hardly tell you a word of what they have said. this is not effectual prayer.”

– This is something I’m very guilty of; praying for whatever currently is on my mind. And when I’m done, I can’t tell you what I had just prayed for. If prayer is to move us, then I’m failing at it; if I don’t remember anything I had just prayed for, how will I know when God answers?

A man must have some definite objective in mind.”

Currently I am praying only when I feel to pray, and in those times there is not really a goal to be accomplished in my mind. I need to start a prayer schedule, maybe pray for something different each day. I’ll start that now.

All the instances of effectual prayer recorded in the Bible are focused on one thing.”

Hmm, very interesting. While going through the Bible, I’ll be sure to notice this.

Wherever you see that the blessing sought for in prayer was attained, you will find that the prayer offered was prayer for a particular objective.”

– This makes a lot of sense in that by praying for a particular goal you are able to know when God answers.

Summary: When we pray we must pray for a particular objective, in that we know what we will pray for before we pray, and that after we pray we remember what we had just prayed for; otherwise, how will we know when God answers? Make a prayer schedule, maybe a list of something that you will be praying for, or to pray for a different objective everyday, in a set of maybe a week.