Ch 1

v 1-5 Moses has died so God now speaks to Joshua. He tells Joshua that he will go in and take the Promised Land. He promises Joshua that He will never leave nor forsake Him.

– God will never leave me, He will never forsake me. God keeps His promises.

v 6-9 God tells Joshua to be strong, be courageous, and never turn away from the laws God has given him.

– God is my strength, God is always with me. Why should I be afraid of anything?

“Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:7-9)

Obey God’s commands, do not stray from it. Be strong, be courageous. Read the Bible everyday, let it always be on your mind so that you will never forget the commands written in it. God will never forsake you; God is always right there by your side, do not be afraid.

v 10-11 Joshua tells the people to be ready to enter the Promised Land.

– God has given me eternal life, and has promised that He will soon return to take everyone back. I should be preparing for His coming by going out and telling everyone about the Gospel, and live my life knowing that the victory is already won; the Promise has been made, and will be fulfilled.

v 12-15 Joshua commands the people who did not want to go to the Promised Land to keep their promise and help fight.

v 16-18 The tribes that did not want to enter the Promised Land obey Joshua, because they know God is with him.

Ch 2

v 1-2 Joshua sends two spies to go scout out the Promised Land. The king of Jericho finds out and commands Rahab, of whom the spies are staying with, to bring out the spies.

v 3-24 Rahab lies to the pursuers and protects the spies because she fears God, even though she isn’t an Israelite. She believes in God’s strength and asks if she and her family could be spared. The spies agreed, only if she keeps her part of the promise. She keeps it and the spies return safely back to Joshua, letting him know that the land is there for God’s taking.

– All the people, before Jesus came back, knew of God. They had seen all the wonders God had done for the Israelites. Rahab is an example of one, even though she was not one of the chosen people, was saved because of her faith. Everyone has the same chance to be saved, some are not more privileged than others.

Ch 3

v 2-4 The people are to follow the lead of the ark of the covenant to know where to go, but not suppose to go within a thousand yards of it.

v 5 Joshua commands the people to be holy because God is going to be doing amazing things.

– God has been and will continue to do amazing things in my life for His glory; I need to always be ready and keep my heart prepared for Him to use. Stay in His Word daily, asking Him for guidance, and living for Him.

v 6-16 The first miracle that God does using Joshua is having him command the Israelites to choose twelve men to carry the ark of the covenant and stand in the Jordan river. When the men stood in the river, the water from upstream suddenly stopped flowing so the Israelites had dry ground to cross.

– Even if I don’t understand what will be the outcome of where God wants me to go, I want to be able to always follow God with my whole heart. God has promised an amazing life of serving Him, I just have to obey!

v 17 The priests stood on the dry ground of the Jordan until all the people passed.

– In the same way, all of God’s people will go to heaven through Jesus.

Ch 4

v 1-4 God commands Joshua to choose twelve men among the people and take up twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan and to put them down at the place the Israelites will be staying that night.

v 5-9 The twelve stones are to serve as a sign for the future generations of the miracle God had done at the Jordan.

v 10-13 All the people crossed over while the twelve priests continued to carry the ark of the covenant.

v 14 On this day the people knew God had chosen Joshua.

v 15-18 God commands Joshua to tell the priests to come up out of the Jordan. As soon as the priests got onto dry ground, the Jordan river started flowing at flood stage.

v 19-23 Joshua tells the Israelites the meaning of the stones, that they would serve as a reminder of the miracle God had done that day, and also a reminder of when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

“He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God.” – Joshua 4:24

v 24 God did these miracles so that the people of the earth would know of His power, and that the Israelites would not forget to obey Him.

– God didn’t have to do any of these miracles in my life, but He did it so I may believe. Thank You God.

Ch 5

v 1 The nations hears of God’s power, and they lose all courage against the Israelites.

v 2-9 God had Joshua circumcise all the Israelites. All the Israelites who were told they couldn’t enter the Promised Land had died, and their sons had not been circumcised yet.

– Jesus has also “circumcised’ my sins away. May I never forget this.

v 10-12 The Israelites celebrated the Passover, then the very day they ate the produce of the land of Canaan, God stopped raining manna on the Israelites.

– There was no more need in sending manna because God will provide the Israelites through the Promised Land.

v 13-15 Joshua meets a man who, as the “commander of the army of the Lord”, tells Joshua to take off his sandals.

“Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him, ‘What message does my Lord have for His servant?’ The commander of the Lord’s army replied,’ Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.'” – Joshua 5:14b-15

q’s: Who is the man? Some interpret him as an angel, others as God.

– By living for God I need to understand that as the Holy Spirit lives in me, I should be respecting God by being holy, obeying His commands.

Ch 6

v 1 Jericho was afraid of the Lord’s strength.

v 2-5 God reminds Joshua that He will deliver Jericho into his hands, then gives Joshua specific instructions to follow.

q’s: Why seven priests? Why seven days? And why march around the city seven times on the seventh day?

v 6-25 Joshua gives God’s commands to the Israelites. Everything must be destroyed, except the metals because they will be used to glorify God. Rahab and her family was to be spared because of the promise the spies had made; because Rahab feared God, her and her family are saved.

v 26 Joshua makes a curse on whoever tries to rebuild the city of Jericho.

q’s: When is this curse fulfilled? I remember reading about it before.

v 27 The people knew God was with Joshua so he became well-known.

Ch 7

Achan sinned against God when he took some of the plunder from battle. (v 1, v 20-21) Because of Achan’s sin, God left the Israelites weak until whoever was wrong is brought to justice. (v 2-5) Joshua knew something was wrong, and came before the Lord in repentance. (v 6-9) God answers Joshua and tells him why He left the Israelites, and what Joshua needs to do to make things right. (v 10-15) Achan confesses his sin, then he and his whole household, by God’s command, are destroyed. (v 15, v24-26)

v 1 Do not disobey God.

v 2-5 When I have sin in my life that I don’t get rid of, my life becomes very miserable. It feels as if I have no strength, as if God has left me. In reality, it is sin keeping me away from God.

v 6-9 I need to always come before God in full repentance, thanking Him for His mercy and grace.

v 13 I need to bring forth in front of God anything that is keeping me from loving Him with my whole heart.

q’s: Did Achan know that he and his household were to die as punishment? (v 20-21)

= Most likely he knew because God had already commanded the Israelites to not take any plunder, and disobeying God is sin, which leads to death.

v 25-26 I need to get rid of anything that is hindering me from coming to God in full surrender.

Ch 8

God again reminds Joshua to not be afraid. (v 1) God commands Joshua to take the city of Ai, and gives him instructions on what to do. Joshua then convey’s God’s command to the Israelites. (v 2-8) The Israelites move out and commence their strategy; the king of Ai and his men fall into the trap and chase after the “fleeing” Israelites. Not a single man remained behind in the city of Ai. (v 9-17) God commands Joshua to hold up a javelin toward the city of Ai, and then the Israelites ambushed the city of Ai. Joshua did not put the javelin down until all who lived in Ai were destroyed. (v 18-28) The king of Ai, who was kept alive, is then hung on a tree and then his body buried under rocks at the entrance of the city gate. (v 23, v 29) Joshua then builds an altar to God, on which he writes Moses’ law. (v 30-32) Joshua then reads the entire law to the Israelite people, not leaving out a single one. (v 33-35)

v 1 Do not be afraid or discouraged, God is always with me, and will never forsake me.

v 18, 26 When God commands me to do something, finish it up until God’s plan has been completed. For me, it would be to live for Him until He calls me to go back to Him in heaven. I need to remember this.

v 23, 29 q’s: Why was the king of Ai left alive then hung on a tree, then buried under rocks?

v 30-35 I need to always remind myself, whether in times of joy or times of sorrow, that God is sovereign, and that whatever happens I need to still be able to praise Him, love Him, and serve Him. What else was I created for?

Ch 9

Most of the kings of the other nations hear about what the Israelites have been accomplishing, and come together to try and defeat Joshua and the Israelites. (v 1-2) The people of Gibeon heard what the Israelites had done to Jericho and Ai, so they resort to a ruse to trick the Israelites into making a treaty with them. Joshua, who did not ask God for guidance in his decision, was tricked and signed the treaty. (v 3-15) The Israelites find out three days later that the people of Gibeon were neighbors, and went to them but could do nothing because of the treaty. (v 16-19) The Israelites decide to let them live as woodcutters and water carriers for the Lord. Joshua asks the Gibeonites why they lied to him, and they replied because they feared the Lord. Joshua lets them live. ( v 20-27)

v 1-2 q’s: Why were the wicked people so blind to God?

v 14-15 When I make decisions, I need to ask God for guidance, not base it on what I see and believe. Joshua did not ask God first so he was tricked.

v 24-25 q’s: Was what the Gibeonites did wrong? They feared for their lives, so they lied. Is it ok to tell a good lie?

Ch 10

The other kings hear of the Israelite’s doings and also the people of Gibeon’s treaty to the Israelites. They became afraid at this because Gibeon was a powerful country, so all the kings of the Amorites get together and attack Gibeon. (v 1-5) The Gibeonites call the Israelites for help, and they go. The Lord delivers the other armies into the Israelite’s hands by throwing confusion and also raining down hailstones on the enemies. (v 6-11) Joshua talks to God and asks Him to stop the sun, and on that day God made the sun stay in the middle of the sky for about a full day. Joshua then returns to the Israelites at their camp in Gilgal. ( v 12-15) The five kings then fled to a cave at Makkedah. Joshua finds out about this and rolls up rocks at the mouth of the cave and puts men to guard it. The Israelites almost destroy the enemy armies down to a man; only a few reached their cities. (v 16-21) Joshua then opens the mouth of the cave and brings out the five kings, kill them, and did to them what he did to all the other kings. (v 22-27) Joshua then takes the city of Makkedah and left no one alive. ( v 28) Joshua then takes the city of Libnah and destroys everyone in it. ( v 29-30) Joshua then takes the nation of Lachish and destroys everyone in it; the king of Gezer and his army came to help against the Israelites but were also cut down. ( v 31-33) Joshua then takes Eglon and does the same thing. (34-35) Same thing to the nation of Hebron (36-37) Same thing tothe nation of Debir. (38-39) Joshua took over the whole region just as the Lord commanded. Joshua was able to take all these nations down in one campaign because God was with the Israelites. (40-43)

v 2 q’s: Why were the wicked so blind?

– God is all powerful, and yet so many people stand against Him.

v 8 When God makes a promise, He keeps it.

v 10-11 God does miracles for His people. Why should I be afraid of anything when I have the Lord of everything with me? I want to always live for God, never give up.

v 12-14 q’s: Did God really do what Joshua asked Him to do?

– If I live for God with all my heart, then why would He refuse the things I ask for? The only motive would be to glorify Him, Him alone!

v 25 God will judge everyone, and whoever does not accept Him will be destroyed.

v 28-43 The Israelites defeat every nation because God has given them the victory. Under God, nothing can stand up against Him. Again, why should I be afraid of anything? God is with me, and will never leave me. Thank You God.

Ch 11

Many kings hear of the Israelite’s victories and decide to band together with a large army to fight against Israel, as numerous as the sand on the seashore. (v 1-5) God tells Joshua to not be afraid, and the Israelites defeat the other army. (6-9) Joshua takes the nation of Hazor and destroys it. ( 10-14) Joshua is Moses’ successor. ( 15) Summary of Joshua’s conquest of the entire land. (16-23)

v 6 q’s: Why hamstring their horses and burn their chariots?

= It was so the Israelites would not take other nation’s horses and chariots and use them; God wanted the Israelites to rely only on Him and not on anything else.

v 13 q’s: Why did Israel not burn any of the cities built on their mounds?

v 15 When God gives a command, follow it thoroughly.

v 23b q’s: How long did the land have rest from war?

Ch 12

List of kings defeated to the east of the JOrdan. Moses and the Israelites, guided by God, defeated these kings. (1-6) List of kings defeated to the west of the Jordan by Joshua and the Israelites. (7-24)

v 2-4,9-24 The Israelites, one nation under God, defeated thirty-one other nations, of which they were powerful and mighty. God does the impossible; do not be afraid of anything, for God prevails over all.

Ch 13

Even though Joshua was very old God still tells him that he has much to do. (1-5) God Himself is going to take these lands and deliver them into the hands of the Israelites. (6-7) The land given to the Reubenites and the Gadites is listed here. (8-13) The tribe of Levi received no land because their inheritance are from the offerings made by fire to the Lord. (14) The inheritance for the tribe of Reuben (15-23) The inheritance for the tribe of Gad. (24-28) The inheritance for the half-tribe of Manasseh. (29-31) God’s promise to His people were kept. (32-33)

v 1 Age does not matter for God’s people. God will use all, young and old, for His will. Continue always living for God, until it is time for us to return back to Him.

Ch 14

Summary of the division of the land west of the Jordan. (1-5)

v 6-12 Joshua and Caleb were the only two Israelites from the last generation to be allowed into the Promised Land. Have faith in God, don’t fear anything! God keeps His promises, and in this case Caleb, who was now 85 years old, was still as strong as when God had made him the promise.

v 14 Live for God, and you will be blessed.

Ch 15

The allotment for the tribe of Judah. (1-12)

Inheritance of the tribe of Judah. (21-62)

v 18-19 q’s: What do these verses mean?

v 63 q’s: Do the Jebusites affect Judah in any way?

q’s: How come people don’t use these kind of names anymore? Or do they?

Ch 16

– Allotment for Ephraim (5-9)

v 10 q’s: What does it mean to this day?

Ch 17

v 4-6 Manasseh’s descendant’s at that time were only daughters.

v 16-18 The people of Joseph themselves did not have faith that God would deliver the land for them. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, for He has done and will do the impossible for His people.

Ch 18

v 11-20 The allotment for the tribe of Benjamin

Ch 19

v 1-9 Allotment for tribe of Simeon

v 10-15 Allotment for tribe of Zebulun

v 17-22 Allotment for tribe of Issachar

Ch 20

God tells Joshua to set aside cities of refuge for the people who killed on accident.

q’s: Do we have cities of refuge today?

Ch 21

The towns the Levites receive from the Israelites, out of their inheritance.

v 43-45 God always keeps His promises. Do not be afraid, trust in the Lord’s promises.

Ch 22

v 10-34 The Israelites were so ready to destroy their former brethren because they had seemed to have made an altar against the Lord, and yet it was the opposite. In the same way, do not be quick to judge what other people are doing, quick to taking action.

Ch 23

Joshua is old and knew his time was coming to an end, so he got all the Israelite leaders together to give them last words.

v 3-6 Never forget what God has done, and will do. Keep His commands, live for Him.

v 7 Do not turn away from God.

v 14 Everything on earth will perish.

Ch 24

v 2-13 Summary of what God did for the Israelites since Abraham.

v 16-24 We can all say that we will serve the Lord with all our hearts, but it is another thing to actually do what we say.

v 28-29 Once the Israelites returned back to the land they inherited, Joshua died. Once we have served our purpose, God will take us back to heaven.